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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:09

Seyhan nationalizing the Metropolitan Doing

Seyhan nationalizing the Metropolitan Doing
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Compliance environment that occurred between then began to reflect on the service of the mayor March 30 local elections.

Adana news: The first application was aimed at easing traffic in transparent Street. Photo Transparent Avenue to ease the traffic snarl that combines Ahmet Cevdet Oil Belt Boulevard and South Street opens a new path. Municipality doing construction work to undertake the expropriation job is Seyhan Municipality of the road.
Road construction property expropriated Manager to examine the work of Turan Yılmaz and Technical Services Director Ibrahim Karaoğlu'yl Seyhan Mayor came to the region ZEYDAN fret , the Metropolitan Council of Scientific Affairs Department Ragıp he examined the area with the Bekaroğlu . Photo here providing information on roadworks President fret, nice services for the island said they will cooperate with the Municipality . Land, \"after 30 March local elections in Adana began to give the compliance environment fruits formed between the mayor. Years later, he stopped long fought with one of the mayors and bureaucrats with vicious power struggles. Was not the winner of this fight , but it was to always lose the island. In the process we have arrived is different work in harmony with t if we the party will save Adana \"he said . Photo metropolitan and district citizens stating that they were very pleased with the fit of the municipality , for decades that transparency Street traffic problems experienced but drew attention to take concrete step. Today, they stated that if the step is promising.


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