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  • 30 Ağustos 2014, Cumartesi 12:02

Sezen Aksu concert spectacular

Sezen Aksu concert spectacular
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Muğla's Bodrum district famous singer Sezen Aksu said that the concert with the song was a memorable night for his fans .

Muğla news: Muğla's Bodrum district gave a concert at the famous singer Sezen Aksu said, with songs fans a memorable night was .
Bodrum Antique Theatre to perform in the famous singer Sezen Aksu , popular with songs fans enchanted while his jokes with a laugh attack is launched. Concert , at the door 45 minutes late due to an approximately 500-foot tail began. Concert steep Leventoğlu newly married couple and one of them Akalay artist Aegean, Yeliz Yeşilmen also watched the 2 thousand 500 people .
Aksu concert'New and Recent leftovers'began with the song . From time to time with viewers chatter Aksu warm weather , saying a humorous language \"Fans Does it work ? Ever I do not feel either. Months'm burning what is this? Months so hot I swear . Already hot I do not like . A well later another hot also raided . Thoroughly asap I corrupted. months always like roses hope . you laugH heart fat attributes. sing more than I love you to laugh . Malum agenda monsters in our country laughing so little time, because it is very important to me . My job the most important part you laugh your face to , \"he said .

between songs continued to talk , Aksu weakened by stating that , \"It's a father had , he father because'm sane to stay left. Otherwise, it's so interesting thing is that they took the stage people from the spirit world . reality connections are weak. Headshots will accept . dreams real of work it is. whatever they throw out want . myself also by analyzing telling . But already it makes a children an instinctive thing . As guests are just a somersault or assigns , shall cease to play . One of a kind in our breed adult who can not . Not necessarily on a desk come oynayası we have our \"he said.
\" inside me TUĞÇE kazaz Unleashed \"
Fans while talking with an audience ,\"20 years ago at you're back \"to say, \"Something has escaped Tuğçe kazaz \"Aksu , said continued:
\"Habira know I'm having surgery . My stomach fled to me . I'll be kazaz Tuğçe soon. 37 years old , took my uterus . Then I went half of the pancreas . Then they took a considerable portion of my colon . Apparently he freckles what a great ass. How can I live a normal life , I did not know . Now that he's my normal . I then melting , get inside a waist , hips get out . Something happened to me . I was 20, I've come to . What a cute month . In the past women were like that . Now all of you came to this state . We love the beauty of the count drops . Now men was the case . You know what , \"he said .
Aksu concert'Is it worth it at all','road my friend ,'Yellow Rooms','past was ,'Sharp Knife','dancer'and'my baby'many memorable parts of the sang.

Sezen Aksu concert spectacular" comments for.


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