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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Haziran 2013, Cumartesi 10:33

Sezen Aksu Taksim did not stay silent

Sezen Aksu Taksim did not stay silent
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Sezen Aksu events in Taksim not quiet today.

'Travel Park yıkılmasın'eylemi Taksim turned the battle field. Many people with the strong intervention of the police was hospitalized.

reacted increasingly trying to bring some celebrities Taksim some celebrities and social media sites were found in the statement. One of them was the famous artist Sezen Aksu was. Sezen Aksu Make everyone called conscience.

famous artists official put this statement to the internet at:

"civilized world, when it comes to the drastic changes made over the city, the administration, the city's decision-making process to include all stakeholders regarding the retention of social peace and reconciliation search has become an indispensable method.

show the maturity of the management agreement with seek and find solutions instead of listening, the power of the citizens of the application of violence, undermines the foundation of democracy and social peace for many years, and that we need more and more away from us is a way of being civilized, noting that the owners of all the power is common sense, and would like to invite you to be scrupulous."

Sezen Aksu Taksim did not stay silent" comments for.


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