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  • 24 Temmuz 2013, Çarşamba 12:20

Sezer Dawn Treader 'butt hair' edepsizliği

Sezer Dawn Treader 'butt hair' edepsizliği
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Safak Sezer for his critics say give yourself even more messed up. Twitter 'Gt kılıyım' he wrote, put a photo.

İNTERNETHABER (EXCLUSIVE CONTENT) -way trip covering the events Safak Sezer, Erdogan knelt down in front of the event had been dileyince sorry.

on Twitter Sezer under intense criticism campaign,"hand kiss"on the initiative of the "I'm going to roll-over the next iftar. Anyhow clowning profession ,"he wrote.

Sezer damaged nerves in the face of heavy criticism from time to time, breaking tweets popped in her mouth.
The most bizarre Kacani" kılıyım Gt ,"he was sharing his photo after posting.

Here are the words that he wrote on Twitter,

*"Yes, I've been licking ass kılıyım towards the right

Let's spread out Hüloğğğğ friends"

This twit then on the right side of the account 'HAIR' picture ' I came RECEIVED Rugs ' he shared.


Müjdat responsive Gezen'in Safak Sezer also wrote for himself yaptığı'YALAPAÇİNO'benzetmesine;

* Lie Not slaves Become the master of Truth
We arrived before the trip

Here Safak Sezer 's twitterdaki ' doom day at the other tweets made;

next time I'm gonna flip-flop

*"Today people I declare on human cruelty"Cat uzanamadığı
* Media used to do liver spots commonplace explanation about the shock cleared
* is the next iftar atıcam.nasıl tumble clowning profession.

Sezer Dawn Treader 'butt hair' edepsizliği" comments for.


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