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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 09:54

\"Shadows in the Streets \"was staged in Doves

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Player of the children formed the majority of the police and \"Shadows on the street \"named drama was staged in the town of Dove's Army .

Ordu news: Player of the children formed the majority of the police and \"Shadows on the street \"named drama was staged in the town of Dove's Army .
Army Police Department Community Branch and Army Metropolitan Municipality staged by and street children in the environment and living conditions noted in the game Doves district Police Superintendent who served as Mehmet Öztürk and son Berk Öztürk also starred. Ufuk Ersoy wrote and hope Ersoy directed with the games they Ceren Gideon, Berke Kenesar , Mert Buğra shad , Ataberk Light , Muhammad Ali Yilmaz , Omar Kaançolakoğl , Mert Can Ersoy, Hope Ersoy, Stop Yilmaz, Aynur Eroglu, Air Bostanci, Seyhan Gungor Burak Yaman and Ufuk Ersoy were served . Children and Youth Social Protection and Assistance Program ( COGEPA ) staged as part of the game involved police officers and children forty years , players such as tasks duly fulfilled and they from the audience plenty of applause bought .
Theatre Doves Deputy Mayor Muharrem Ertürk financing , Dove Gendarmerie Commander Lieutenant Commander nature Booth, police Chief Commissioner Izzet laughed , AK Party District Chairman Murat Yaylak , Businessman Ismet Erçal , joined the families of police and citizens . At the end of the game the players were given flowers by Gendarmerie Commander Booth nature . Doves to work in because of the Army Community Assisted Branch Manager Mehmet Öztürk Kumrulu the deal showed interest .
End of the game in a speech of Community Branch Manager Mehmet Öztürk , \"It's a social responsibility project. Teacher, his wife and three theater except for the first time at play , the police, police wife, and police children consisting of a theater show we've staged . course, not pretentious but aim to give message . Appreciation of our audience will leave. If our message is delivered, what if she's happy. Errors If we have , sürçülis et Appendage Affola . Additionally we meet with you , it hall Businessman who allocate Ismet Erçal and would like to thank everyone who came to watch us , \"he said .

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