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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:06

Shaykh al-Islam Sayyid Ataturk University in Erzurum Feyzullahin Lord Symposium

Shaykh al-Islam Sayyid Ataturk University in Erzurum Feyzullahin Lord Symposium
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Atatürk University , organized by the Rector \"Shaykh al-Islam Sayyid Feyzullahin Lord Erzurum (1639-1703) Symposium\", Atatürk University began in Cultural and Performing Arts Center.

Erzurum news: Photo 31 October-2 November between symposium , which will continue to be organized in 8 sessions. Shaykh al-Islam Sayyid Feyzullahin in Erzurum Symposium was attended by 20 scientists master from various universities , Shaykh al-Islam Sayyid Feyzullahin Lord , participants will be introduced in all aspects. Before the opening of the symposium , Prof. Photo Dr. Necdet Çağıl , guests gave the Quran Quran Recitation . Makes first speech in the opening speeches Photo Interpretation Department of the Faculty of Theology Prof. Dr. Omar Kelly, Ataturk University , Erzurum important scholars and stating that he values ​​those scholars cited a variety of programs , Shaykh al-Islam Sayyid Feyzullahin Lord gave brief information about his life.
Dean of the Faculty of Theology Dr. The David Yaylali encourage and provide support in the organization of this symposium , especially Ataturk University Rector Dr. Hikmet Kocak and thanked everyone who contributed . Yaylali , Islam, Sayyid Feyzullahin pointing out that the Lord is one of the most important scholars of Islamic himself taught almost all of science , Professorship , kadılık , instructor in princes , kazaskerlik and finally told Şeyhülislamlık authorities in that figure have made a mandate over 8 years . Dean Yaylali:\"Sayyid Undoubtedly his service Feyzullahin country into service of the Lord has been very . But the state managers discretion and this reputation as someone who has earned the love to use it for personal ambitions , the attempt to penetrate the state has resulted in a way to lose his life does not he deserve ,\"he said . Erzurum Photo when I came here , mainly including Abdurrahman Gazi Prophet , which is very valuable to scholars trained Erzurum , I feel like I have to pray every time said, the Islamic Research Centre Prof. Dr. Small Rashid , from the period of Erzurum Islam said that the cost of it grows very precious people . small ; \"Erzurum is a science city as notable side has come persists throughout history. Even helpless until conviction is that , the Republican period in Turkey after the 1980s during the expansion of universities , universities providing that most elements newly established universities and organizations , Erzurum Atatürk University has been . this Erzurum , shows that in every period continued the country's service. in addition, Atatürk University is a behavior praiseworthy efforts it makes in order to reveal the value of Erzurum , including our president, \"he said. different mission's Photo Atatürk University Rector said he was trying to fulfill Prof. Dr. Hikmet Kocak, Erzurum Considering the history of 5 thousand year history of hosting an educational , cultural and commercial center that reminded . Rector Kocak ; \"1957-1958 academic year until the beginning of Ataturk University education has now graduates nearly 200 thousand and universities with a faculty member in almost all universities. We Atatürk University, the , we consider this as one of the most important projects in the Republic of education. Atatürk University doubtless national and doing scientific work in the international arena , trying to represent our country and our city out in the best way . also , as in the present-day symposium for our history , ancient thinking that people on behalf of the work to be done , our own values ​​are also uncover has been one of our main tasks . Because we're good theory future if we do not know the value of our history. on behalf of our young people to tell them is of paramount importance these symposia. Feyzullahin Erzurum mosques Lord , a fountain, a very important service in the sense of the complex and madrasas . But for us, a feature that is important in the name of religion we belonged encyclopedia which at that time was to take his own money to the library floor . 62 this encyclopedia composed of skin is probably the identity of being one of the first encyclopedic works in the world , \"he said . After the
opening speech, the Rector Prof. Dr. Hikmet Kocak , Turkey Authoring Works Agency Shaykh al-Islam by the Department of Sayyid Feyzullahin miniature of the Lord was present .


Shaykh al-Islam Sayyid Ataturk University in Erzurum Feyzullahin Lord Symposium" comments for.


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