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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:31

She came to the coffeehouse Compulsory Hale Books

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Nigde coffeehouses , newspapers and books was made obligatory to have tea and cottage gardens .

Niğde news: Photo coffeehouses will be held in conjunction with this application at least 100 books found in the library . Someone regional or becomes at least two must be taken daily newspapers , including local .
Tea gardens of the Interior Ministry coffee houses, covered teahouse in books and newspapers have to plan for that circular Nigde Governor sample has signed an application. Photo Nigde the statement made by the Governor's Office:\"First class coffee houses, tea garden and teahouse to find a library that contains at least 100 different books and these places also two regional or at least five different daily newspapers , including local , second class at least 50 different books place in coffee houses he library and one regional or at least three different daily newspapers , including local , located in at least 25 different books in third grade coffee that library and someone will be essential to have at least two daily newspapers , including regional or local level. Improvement of newspapers and books are read rate and newspapers in terms of being conducive to the provision of cultural services for the citizens and the book is important to keep the subject \"took place expressions.
business and the coffeehouses licensed under the regulations that work connected with certain essential to the registration of the business with the regulations relating to licenses , tea garden, countryside in the regulation of coffee amount prescribed in the statute books and newspapers kept in the Ministry of Interior's about to be a necessity as stipulated date 16.04.2007 and numbered 45544 circulars interest .

She came to the coffeehouse Compulsory Hale Books" comments for.


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