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  • 30 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 11:59

She got away from the tumor in the stomach a day

She got away from the tumor in the stomach a day
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70-year-old Honorary Insel living in Batman's tumor in the stomach,"Endoscopic submucosal dissection"(ESD) were solved by the method of taking a day to health.

Diyarbakır news: Batman living in the 70-year-old Honorary Insel stomach tumor in,"Endoscopic submucosal dissection"(ESD) method based day health were solved.
Batman examination done as a result of early gastric cancer is the learner and the Memorial Diyarbakır Hospital Honorary applicant Insel, Assoc. Dr.. Mustafa Yakut,"should be operated immediately, otherwise the disease will progressively difficult treatment"decided to be operated with caution. Anesthesiology expert Dr.. Mercury's Tiryaki'nin by the general anesthesia without sedation method anesthetized İnsel, 30-minute procedure in the stomach tumor"Endoscopic submucosal dissection"process received.
WALK THE SAME DAY was discharged Honorary
Insel, successfully passing on your feet the same day after the procedure and come to a position to meet their daily needs, was discharged from the hospital. Diyarbakır Memorial Hospital, Department of Gastroenterology Assoc. Dr.. Mustafa Ruby, Insel is in the early stages of the disease and interventional procedure painless mass in the stomach and taken without the need for open surgery, he said. The small size of the stomach and large intestine in the early stages of cancers that have not spread to other organs without the need for open surgery can be treated with endoscopy indicating Assoc. Dr.. Mustafa Ruby,"Early in gastric cancer endoscopic methods the results of open surgery in are as successful. Trading hours if the patient is an unwanted situation does not improve, daily life quickly can begin. Additionally the open surgery, the patient had left on the psychological destruction also disappeared,"he said. When administered to patients with gastric cancer received with open surgery of the stomach voicing Assoc. Dr.. Ruby,"the patient in the early stage gastric detected in the cancerous mass ESD method the stomach due preserving've had and he discharged the same day have. Patient's chemotherapy or radiotherapy to see it was not required. Because in the stomach tumor was completely cleared. Initially, the three-month and then 6 monthly and annual checks will follow him,"he said.
ESD method is often applied in the Far East and patient comfort significantly underlines that provides Assoc. Dr.. Ruby,"In our country recently started to make the application only in a few centers can be performed. Limited number can be applied in this advanced endoscopic surgical method, in Southeastern Anatolia also to patients is hope. Cancer rather than fear, stay late to be scared. Because early detected in all types of cancer treatment possible. Even with all possible to get rid of some"he said.

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