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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 16:37

Sheikh Edebali Commemoration of Atatürk Culture and Congress Center Program

Sheikh Edebali Commemoration of Atatürk Culture and Congress Center Program
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The founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the death of 76 year was commemorated with a ceremony performed also in Bilecik acres.

Bilecik news: Photo placing a wreath at the first ceremony held in Republic Square in the morning , took place by reading the silence and the National Anthem . Here ceremonies followed by Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate of members of the protocol exhibition hall \"Ataturk \"was held the inauguration of the painting exhibition . This exhibition followed by members of the protocol Sheikh Edebali Culture and Congress Center , Istanbul Ertuğrulgazi attended the commemoration program organized by the high school. Memorial program homage here and began with the reading of the National Anthem . Photo Day means and making the speech indicating the importance Ertuğrulgazi High School Dolphins Elm, always proud that the Republic of Turkey to be the successor to the immortal works left by Empire founder of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 91.yıl the reputation of being referred eternity to understand her better than ever, and he said they came together to remember. Elm, he continued his speech .
\"Date but her carefully and transformed into a light source illuminating the future in the hands of the reviewers to consciousness. As the rapid changes taking place in our world is the right to read our and in order to make sense , we need to be guided in the history of today. Therefore, how our republic established that and which he based on the basic principles we need to keep constantly in mind . the founder of our Republic in this context Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's ideas , we need to know better the predictions are of paramount importance . after the national independence and the absence of the basic principles of our of the Republic of national sovereignty idea given by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha and his comrades in arms of heroic struggle , that there's cooked in this struggle and maturing high national consciousness is no doubt . think like Ataturk and sense of self and patiently national independence , such as Atatürk into national consciousness steps will be under more secure future as long as we continue to take . I believe that as long as we take these steps resolutely much brighter the future of Turkey, our people will be in peace . We call these the power of these feelings and thoughts and leave this faith heritage Great Leader Atatürk , all comrades and martyrs will wish Mercy of God , I greet you with respect. \"The Photo Ertuğrulgazi High School history teacher Pinar Yavuz, Atatürk's a complete the task in the morning of November stating that passed away , \"the Turkish nation, poverty , misery and anguish in the days it was like a gift presented to Anatolia. This year has seen the earth have such a boldness , so that citizens throughout the nation filled with love. Seeing these people were not thinking of the people themselves , therefore, call on the men gave ear , woman , young to old . Had enough faith in the eyes of the rest of ancestors sacrificed whether to walk home in on the enemy. And they did . A rusty gun , maybe with a rifle without the grandfather digging , they went on with a shovel. Regardless of the tears of the remaining baby in the cradle. They were only made ​​for was for an independent future . I will not fight you to the blue-eyed people have to understand how religious language when defending the honor of the motherland will'm ordering you to die , and they understand how to protect the future. There was only one can have a single case of a single country and a single leaders . Verdi would souls, continued they would sue , save they had to keep their promises to their homeland and leaders , \"he said . While the slide show consists of paintings by Atatürk after the
speech, Ertuğrulgazi High School students November 10 oratorios were heard with great acclaim .
Program Bilecik Governor ahmet Hamdi Nayar, deputy governors , Istanbul Mayor Selim Oiler , Garrison and 2nd Gendarmerie Training Brigade Commander Brigadier General Halis Victory Coach, Provincial Police Director Job Özüdoğru , Sheikh Edebali University Rector Prof. Dr. Azmi Ozcan, Chief Prosecutor Kamil Yasar , Istanbul Bar Association Halima President Aynur, corporate managers , representatives of non-governmental organizations , representatives of political parties , students and parents attended .


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