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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 11:24

Shield of the British in Cyprus Jets hit Isidor

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British Royal Air Force (RAF ) , the first air attack on Iraqi positions held Isidor .

Londra news: South Cyprus, the British base off from British jets, in northwestern Iraq near the Syrian border found in the Isidor of heavily armed a stronghold and an armed pick-up was targeted .
British Parliament last week, Isidor against air attacks about to start his rating after the UK, the first air strikes against Iraq Isidor positions held yesterday . Off the shelf in a statement , the South Cyprus, Akrotiri Base fly from British jets made ​​six sorties as a result hit targets that were expressed .
British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, area reconnaissance flight served Tornado jets ışid'l fighting Peshmerga carry out attacks on unions call for help , he said. Minister Fallon, \"Kurdish forces threatening the heavily armed Isidor positions identified and was attacked and subsequently in the same region of an armed Isidor pickup was targeted ,\"he said .
Attack performs both Tornado jets also in Cyprus base safely return stated that they Fallon, according to the preliminary assessment carried out successfully at both the attack said. Ministry of Defense, Isidor their positions in attacks targeting Paveway IV guided bombs and anti-tank missiles used was passed.
The United States in Iraq Isidor positions that target attacks last month in Syria Isidor positions that target attacks the Arab allies with the governments last week began .

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