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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 09:54

Shock Details in Double Murder at Villa

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Adana found murdered in a house lawyer and son arrested in murder suspect in his wife's case , Ali Ihsan Pişkin by calling the morning 155 for murdered her parents'home killed two people , they can kill me \"also appeared .

Adana found murdered in a house lawyer and son arrested in murder suspect in his wife's case , Ali Ihsan Pişkin by calling the morning 155 for murdered her parents'home killed two people , they can kill me \"also appeared . According to
information obtained, October 23, 2014 the day the morning of the incidents occurred in central Çukurova villa in Kurttepe Quarter of district attorney 50-year-old Yüksel 31 over the wife Nilay Pişkin (48) and 27 stabbed and killed their son 31-year-old Ali Ihsan Pişkin found by . Brazenly told the incident to the police immediately . The police entered his research outside the home to determine whether the applicant's statement was the first son Pişkin . However, contradictory data Pişkin taken into custody . Photo Photo \" HOME TWO PEOPLE KILLED They can kill me \"to solve the Photo Police Pişkin mother and father saw \"155 \"I call \"began from that point also . Police Pişkin a 155 call why his mother and spoke as if it were an alien from his father that the problem of Pişkin , \"Night wake up my mother when I went to the kitchen for a drink of water and saw blood all over the place my father and at that moment I fainted . Call now 155 when I got myself killed two people at home I said, I'm afraid you can kill me. who Police me,'those killed , \"he said . I said killed my mother and father. then my mother and I checked my father both died . I am upset , my hand and my socks I washed up out of my hand because it is blood , change my escape , and socks I began to police the wait. in the meantime, I informed the security guards of the site it came in . after a while the police came , \"he replied. Photo Photo \" MOTHER AND FATHER EVENING KILLED , < strong> Did not you hear ? \"Photo Police Pişkin to'Did not you see when your mother and father did not hear evening killed me or get out ,\"he Pişkin upon being asked , \"Our house is a 4-story , I often eat even above my room location . I left home as evening at 22.00 . I went through when leaving the room but did not see anything . Such as iron door was open when I got home again at 23:00 , the door was ajar light go in my room appeared again . Then I listen to loud music . Night also did not hear a sound. Our neighbors also heard something . Towards morning I wake up to drink water I saw the event , \"he replied. Photo Photo TIME 19.30 EVE grinder WOMEN FROM INSIDE DID NOT RECEIVE Photo made ​​by police the woman who makes the iron family of research hours at 19.20 Nilay Pişkin twice were looking for, but Pişkin not open unless the situation Pişkin the problem of determining that came home , \"Yes came grinder woman like evening at 19.30 brought liners. Asked me for money . I also want to take money from my father's shirts but have no coin , let me give no coin presser after the woman said she went . I called my mom before , but my mom phone sometimes forgets something on the second floor have not heard from him \"was the answer . But the scene examinations in as early as just corpse of the woman's phone , grinder women are seen to call twice and the scene of the lawyer's fall wallet was found to be a coin . It it was determined that processing in before the murder of hours 19:20 as understood . Photo Photo \" pOLICE GO where PLACE lied \"after leaving the Photo suspects to the police at home when he asked where he was going , \"Home from Home go I bought 5 pounds of food from a bakery products , go to Turgut Özal Boulevard side with the car. Then, I went to a little more sightseeing room by entering the door is open to come home , \"he said . However, if the security camera examination of the suspect Turgut Ozal Boulevard not Seyhan go to the Reservoir side of where hovering over Fork Bridge has determined that at the lake , taking a bag from the luggage stop the car. Despite suspects told to go to that side. Photo Photo JUST TIP 24 HOURS cUT sAID DO NOT ACCEPT was while sports before on the question of precisely located in the Photo suspects hand , then his mother and the door saw his father Recently while I was hit , he said cut the hand when dealing to cut him that his father worked alongside 3 days ago a package arrived . Police thereupon Adana received reports from specialists in forensic medicine department. he found that the report of doctors definitively within 24 hours. But the suspect forensic medicine unit reports that she said was true she does not accept the suggested. Photo Photo \" HAND BLEACH WITH several minutes washed \"Photo police in his kitchen while eating murder dinner after the interview from an argument at the table after that occurs, then you stabbed his father before the suspect that stabbed her mother to keep the witness , then the until 22.00 clock suspects , the knife used by the tracksuit and socks with blood hamper the other clothes and in the event that put into a bag , then sink in for minutes hands that wash with bleach , then download the car to ride materials lake at that then you do not plan to prove that the murder of his working until morning to come home and evidence destroyed that morning estimates that call the police. Photo Photo suspect FAMILY two he dIVIDED Photo meanwhile removed by court guards arrested Pişkin's family was divided over the murder of functioning . Pişkin's mother and his brothers would kill his father , he can not think its such a brutal murder. However Pişkin business environment and other relatives also Pişkin so that sinking two business founded by his father so that the problems between them , so he might have killed his father that especially with his father ever agree he thinks he might have murdered her mother for having witnessed angry. Photo

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