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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:28

Shoot Alleged suspects his wife free

Shoot Alleged suspects his wife free
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Ankara has long claimed to kill his estranged wife by shooting her husband at the beginning of the shotgun was released .

Çanakkale news: Photo by information obtained, has long been separated from her husband has 2 children living in Ankara, Tugba D. (23), was shot in the head in a park shotgun . Çanakkale living in Bayramiç Tamer D, surrendered upon hearing allegations that police came to shoot his wife. Dr. Tamer received expression in the prosecution , was to testify in court on charges of using the right to silence . The court suspects lack of evidence released grounds. Photo Tamer D, whether stated that innocent members of the press in the court exit , \"found justice. The court released him seeing that I was innocent ,\"he said .
Father Talib D is not guilty of son stating , \"There is currently no evidence that makes my child . There are of course the courts, there are cases . join them all , takes a penalty if guilty, suçsuzsunuz to remove aklanıp . I delivered my own hands. Everyone must do his duty ,\"he said . Court went home with relatives D. Tamer released .

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