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  • 01 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 14:28

Short Hair with are totally different!

Short Hair with are totally different!
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brave, romantic or rebellious. Short hair always gives a unique stance on women. But the hair cut on a whim after days spent with Weaves, women who discovered the difficulty of forming them, rather than take a look at short hair to formatting methods.

his short hair:a bold step

that cut your hair as short as a boy's path to forming Are you looking for? Perhaps pixie could not be shaped much do you think your model's hair ... in the eyes of Jean Seberg revive. Breathless in free girl that stole our hearts, fleeting hair is still an icon for women. Grumpy and sweet like Jean predict the fleeting hair, combs since taking styling secured with the can, old-time women's naivety you can catch.

Perçemlerin mystery

your forehead spills If you have bangs, you can flatten them with the help of curling irons, more rebellious look inside if you can lift shaper help. Since your bangs also taking the help of tongs just because it can create waves in the area. Forelock Since your separated when you use will install a nice barrette hair model can enrich your.


Wet your hair styling after you apply them using your fingers staggered fashion can give the rebellious rockers can take on the air ... jelly, cream, foam and spray for election careful not to choose too hard products. The softness of your hair without oiling or hardening of turning to products that provide protection. Hair serum messy hair shine can save.

asymmetric folds

asymmetrical cut a short hairstyle if you use this touch to the fore, try removing it. Unusual hair model's power to show the floor, the pair of tongs straightening and styling with a significant turn.

blunt hair:Feminine and romantic

of old flapper girl resembling a blunt model are you using? Or wavy hair, or get straight, blunt hair of a woman's graceful neck and jaw line highlighting is one of the most pleasant way. If you prefer to use blunt hair wavy, voluminous curls curling tongs and styling to create sufficient. When choosing curling irons that you should avoid excess heat from the models to be recalled. With the help of a slight styling curls, use your fingers to refine and add volume. Once out of the shower dry the hair with a hair dryer can create curls with natural movement. You can also use tongs to use blunt straight hair. Your hair chin in your area uzunlaşıy, this tufts with tongs highlight and styling help fix it.

best bib and tucker's

short hair, makeup styles and trappings fore. More apparent in simple hairstyle select a makeup style. Short hairstyle eyes on all kinds of data to emphasize the importance. Chosen Beware of accessories to complete your hairstyle. Earrings to your necklace, clasp your hair ribbon until you have all the accessories, for short hair will add a distinct air.

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