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  • 26 Ağustos 2014, Salı 10:12

Shortness of breath can take control

Shortness of breath can take control
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Experts, particularly in older age negatively affect the lives of most people to take control of the tricks of shortness of breath , he said.

Adana news: Experts, particularly at older ages , most people's lives negatively affect breathlessness to take control of the tricks he said.
Particularly smoking-related factors , including a number of reasons that may result from shortness of breath , especially with advancing age most people's lives negatively affect a health problem arises. Experts of people Shortness of breath shortness of breath in the first place to be able to take control of a simple precaution is recommended. Shortness of breath control, explaining the tricks of getting a private Middle East expert from the Department of Chest Diseases Hospital , Dr. Courtesy Erdogan, \"exacerbated in times of shortness of breath after taking a deep breath whistles like shrink wrapping your lips slowly outward blow your breath ,\"he said . Exp . Dr. Erdogan on this issue other recommendations also listed as follows for:
\"your back is perpendicular to a comfortable chair , sofa or chair seat. One hand, your chest on the other hand in the stomach put it on . Inhale, your chest on the hand should not move. Nasal one, two, many saying breathe. breath while your chest moves, you abdominal muscles upward moving. then one, two , three, four counts saying again through the nose have received breath outward blow . breathing you in this way until these exercises continue to you have to . \"
in the world of every four persons , only one disease is aware of Erdogan noted , \"In our country every ten people , nine patients are not aware . yourself , do not forget . shortness of breath, cough, phlegm symptoms , if you have to do pulmonologist consult and COPD If you get a chance early diagnosis of disease , \"he said .

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