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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 15:54

Siamese Twins Have Arrived with Fertility

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Kahramanmaras , and born as conjoined Siamese twins surgically separated , was the focus of the city's residents .

Kahramanmaraş news: Photo Feyzullahin and Eve, mother of two left-handed pair of twin babies born on September 30, 2014 . Before the body was found to be adherent to the abdomen of children with birth twins . Photo 3 days after taking permission from Thereupon family was taken to a hospital operated by the management decision. Organs are completely separate, which only made ​​twin brothers who attached the skin after a successful operation were separated from each other. Who were discharged after
treatment scheme and Esma is called Siamese twins , located on Haydarbey Quarter by parents brought their new home. Photo Feyzullahin and Eve left-handed pair , stating that they came to their new home with their children's blessing, they thank everyone who hospital management and support. having learned that reside in their county of Photo Siamese twins Kahramanmaras center Onikişubat municipal managers took action . Photo Onikişubat Council Vice President Nihan Büyükderel by visiting the left-handed family gave gifts for newborn twins. Nihan Büyükderel speaking during a Photo Views expressed that he always stood by the left-handed family, \"the health of the Siamese twins born in Kahramanmaras thankfully good. made ​​postoperative allocated twins I wish to be happy for life with the family. \"the Photo Views from his pleasure voicing father Feyzullahin Solak, Onikişubat were thanked for their municipal managers to kind visit .
visit ended with the presentation of gifts received to the twins .

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