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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 16:28

Sibel Ozkan host the National Weightlifting History of Success

Sibel Ozkan host the National Weightlifting History of Success
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World Weightlifting Championships in Turkey representing national weightlifter Sibel Ozkan Mansion , 84 breakout , lifting a total of 189 pounds , including 105 pounds in the clean and jerk runner won the world title.

Ankara news: Photo Kazakhstan's Almaty national athletes that competed in the World Weightlifting Championships continued in the city , pouring sweat in order to be able to get a medal. National weightlifter Sibel Ozkan mansion , lifted 82 kg in snatch branch in the first trial . On the other athletes who fail about 84 pounds , lifted the same weight on the third . According to the results of this Ozkan , was the owner of the silver medal in the snatch . National weightlifter who struggle in the clean and jerk , lifted 105 pounds and reached second place in the world with a total of 189 pound rating . Photo Minister Sword TAN CONGRATULATIONS Photo Youth and Sports Minister Akif Chagatai Sword, a greeting message for national weightlifter Sibel Ozkan mansion was published. Minister Chagatai Sword, the greeting message , \"Our female athletes , providing in recent years to be mentioned frequently now in the international community of our country with great success they have achieved in each branch. Our national weightlifter with the second world with a degree in this context, starting World Weightlifting Championships in Kazakhstan greeting Sibel Ozkan mansion would , I wish you continued success , \"he said .

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