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Side Bazaar Center New Editing Tools to Check-out

Side Bazaar Center New Editing Tools to Check-out
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exit times were determined.

Antalya news:
Manavgat Municipality Municipal Council Ordinary Meeting in May , under the chairmanship of Manavgat Mayor Şükrü Sözen was held at the Municipal Assembly . At the Assembly meeting one additional agenda including 13 items discussed oylanırk , the 2013 administrative and final accounts carried by the goods account and the property Manavgat belonging to the Municipality of real estate 5393 Municipal Law Article 18 by the terms of the sale on items on the agenda with a majority vote is accepted , 11 agenda item unanimously accepted.
at the Assembly meeting agenda prior to a short speech in Manavgat Mayor Şükrü Sozen, Antalya Mayor Menderes Turel Manavgat Municipality have made the visit a brief assessment made ​​and the now positive that the talks said.
one of the most important agenda item at the Assembly meeting Side Side 1st and 2nd Quarter Side with the door to the center of the bazaar was the identification of input-output times . Relevant Speaking Mayor Şükrü Sozen, \"Side neighborhood intensive visitors due to take to visit the local and foreign guests visit a safe and restful , and especially in the summer consisting of traffic congestion remedy with the aim Side 1st and 2nd with doors Side shopping center will enter the vehicle and the vehicle entry-exit times should be determined , \"he said .
decisions to be the tourist season, which is April 1 to December 1 implemented between drawing attention to the question while on the subject, a commission is created and the necessary work is done by specifying the commission received decisions that were listed as follows:\"-half living on the island and convenient parking spaces located residence of the owners of a sketch on the parking place to the identification , residence of the owners during the summer season night hours 00:30 to 11:00 hours of the 2nd through the door entrance to make an educated , outside these hours, resident owners logging in. obligation in the case of ancient theater in front of Carnation Street from the entrance and exit to make ,
-Half the island traders! inside determinations made ​​parking spaces, the craftsmen of the night 00:30 to 11:00 hours between the 2nd door to the peninsula to login , this other times except in an emergency in no way amphitheater in front of the road , including intake would permit
-Half-island to serve wholesalers and service vehicles in the morning at 07.00 am at the latest 10.00 am till 2nd door to login and the same day at 11.00 at the door of the 2nd half to leave the island ;
-Side Half tenure and property on the island in the parking lot of non-citizens outside the night between the hours of 00:30 and 08:00 in the morning to go inside ;
-2nd door vehicle entry and exit completely prohibited during the hours indoors emergency patients and the disabled citizens of inputs and outputs amphitheater in front of the road to be carried out ;
-half the island's 2nd door on the car park at the expiration of the 1st door vehicles Side bus station located in the parking lot should be directed to ;
-Side peninsula, ambulance , fire brigade, police and security units , the official vehicle of the inputs and outputs to be bound to provide services ;
-Implementation of the control and traceability in order to provide half-island property in the parking lot , to those who serving wholesalers and utility vehicles , the 2nd door in the parking area was located artisans of different colors, vehicle identification cards be given ;
-Side bus station in front of the 1st door and the 2nd door between the remaining path length and continuation Harbour Street and Port Square car park prohibition . \"

Side Bazaar Center New Editing Tools to Check-out" comments for.


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