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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 11:59

\"Sign of the City Awards\"Best Mall Award of the Year Award Ceremony

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Construction and real estate projects are awarded and implemented under the leadership of the Freedom , with over 200 135 different projects to evaluate the application \"Sign of the City\"was the best prize of the Prime Mall Shopping Center Gaziantep.

İstanbul news: Intense interest shown by the award ceremony of the construction industry , was held at the Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel. In order to add value to
construction and real estate sector , Hurriyet leadership for the second time collected jury in Turkey for the contest are awarded for life to the project , the application of the assessment criteria and recent assessments made ​​by sharing the views and ideas about weight and found their own awards. Turkey's leading construction and real estate projects, are awarded in 17 categories, \"Sign of the City Awards\"awarded in the competition award on behalf of Prime Mall Gaziantep , Prime Development CEO Dr. Artuğ Cetin, Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris took the Güllüce .
Dr. In a statement Artuğ Cetin did, \"We are proud that rewarded the difference we make in Gaziantep. Prime Development of the functionality of the projects realized in Turkey , once created by the gravitational field for the comfort and the local people's happening again certified . International experience and knowledge on shopping center development and management of our Turkey's precious from each other , we will continue to move to different regions , \"he said .
Prime Mall the largest shopping center in Gaziantep Gaziantep \"different \"was opened in September 2013 with the motto . With rich local cultures in a common pot melt with contemporary design elements in today's technology allows the use of all of the exterior design as Prime Mall shopping center in Gaziantep , Gaziantep was used motifs inspired by the famous baklava made ​​. The pistachio tree used in railing design contained within the shopping center , to be built with particular emphasis on the regional characteristics of the selected spice colors Prime Mall Gaziantep has become a popular shopping center in the region as soon as possible . All these features and opening the week European Property Awards ( European Property Awards ) by the European \"Best Retail Development \"and \"Best Retail Architecture \"which was awarded the prize Prime Mall Gaziantep, Turkey with the participation of the leading companies of \"Sign of the City \"once again in 2014, he was awarded with the prize.

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