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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:35

Significant Donation From Elderly Couple

Significant Donation From Elderly Couple
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Denizli retired worker Mehmet Tekin , located in the neighborhood of 453 square meters located in Karsiyaka for use in the two-storey house was donated to charity Denizli Governorship of Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation.

Denizli news: Photo of 82-year-old retired worker charitable Mehmet Tekin and his wife, 66-year-old Aisha said Thompson did they no then Governor Sukru of business visit in Kocatepe authorities etti.yapıl the help of the most beautiful of that aid to people and on this occasion needy persons they want to have the help of Mehmet Thompson, \"For years we tried , we get in return for our efforts we sit in earnings for 44 years we got this house. we have no child . this our house we lived , we serve our needy people after you are dead, and we decided to donate along with my wife in order to contribute . this is the age of our so anyone in need We have not . We've always tried to be there for people in need and we want to contribute . However, the gain was our obvious. so we wanted to have a contribution in this way. We are after death Denizli Governorship distress of needy transferred to the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation will be eliminated . in two of us for doing such a charity we are very happy , you agree to our God to take place , \"he said . the Photo Denizli hayırseverlilig and enterprising people with that Turkey always come to the fore and examples in this regard , saying that a city Governor Sukru Kocatepe said:Photo \"Denizlimiz in charitable Our citizens are located in charity work in many areas , including education . I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to all of them again . Mehmet Tekin gentleman also worked for many years and won the female from the house owned by increasing the quotation , our governor needy in order to get our people contribute a little bit though was donated to the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation . I congratulate this meaningful and valuable donations they make that much of Mehmet Bey and his wife Lady Aisha . I thank them . May Allah accept their charity . Turkish society is always discreet and helpful. One example of this family has been the most beautiful . \"

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