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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 18:24

Siirt'Intimacy in Human Relations'conference was held

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Siirt'sincerity in human relations'conference was held .

Siirt'sincerity in human relations'conference was held .
Sciences Society for the Propagation of Siirt Siirt Branch and by Ansar Ahmed Badawi Foundation conference held from boys dorm , Hafiz Quran Ramadan Earth started with the recitation of the Qur'an . Participated as a speaker at the conference Rize Recep Tayyip Erdogan former Dean of the Faculty of Theology . Dr. . S. Kemal Sandıkçı , which is the opposite of sincerity hypocrisy never incompatible with Islamic morality of such behavior is expressed qualifications . Shindig , \"Sincerity and purity, Islam is the essence . For this reason, the Prophet ( saas) deeds according to intentions are'has commanded . Religious essence of sincerity and loyalty that shows many verses and hadiths are available. This is for the Prophet. Prophet (pbuh) religious sincerity as defined . Sincere non-faith, worship and deeds beside Allah no value no.'Religion is sincerity'hadith , meaning and content in terms of the foundation of Islam is considered to be four hadith one was accepted , \"he said .
Ansar Foundation Siirt Branch President Necmettin Flowers , the \"mercy for all creatures sent as a beloved prophet Muhammad. Muhammad ( pbuh) to the world honoring the to recall , it's beautiful people examples of moral virtues and the ages beyond appeals to universal messages in our minds reviving the universe to his master , the humanity of the last apostle love towards increasing our instrumental including this program have organized . Ansar Foundation Siirt Branch as needed to students and the need for the public such activities will continue, \"he said.
Siirt University Rector Murat Erman, Mufti Faruk Arvasthan , Director of Education Gıyasettin Stone and numerous invited guests the event, organized with the participation of Prof. . Dr. . Kemal Sandıkçılar Siirt blankets woven mohair ended with the board as a gift .

Siirt'Intimacy in Human Relations'conference was held" comments for.


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