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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 16:44

Silicosis Information Meeting 2nd Bozüyük

Silicosis Information Meeting 2nd Bozüyük
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In Bilecik Bozüyük ,'I want a world Silikozissiz'was held on 2nd Silicosis Information Meeting .

Bilecik news: Photo new neighborhood meeting held at the mansion, as speaker Prof. Dr. Clever Kılıçaslan , chest disease specialist Dr. Coates CaniVIZ Gülseren Tekeş and silicosis patients and lawyers participated as a speaker Gürhan Yuksel . Photo Gürhan Yuksel, in his speech , said that silicosis disease are unaware . Such an important meeting Yüksel expressed the desire to overflow until out of the hall , \"I notice I did not , I'm not worthy to've never heard of so we walked from house to house coffee coffee. Each into our coffee in silicosis patients appeared to recognize us. Bozüyük silicosis patients filled in every neighborhood in every street . too bad . If we do not know our present case their cause if we go with this case , we were ill lit, we do not he fight're burning others will be filled with silicosis patients everywhere Bozüyük . There are likely to be everyone's silicosis patients in Bozüyük . Because Bozüyük in the middle of There are ceramic factory . We do not lay claim to our cause react with nobody having predicament . you have to go with everyone in this case. I thanked everyone but Nilufer Banu Eskitütünc to our doctor, I would like to thank the courage to reveal this disease, \"he said. Photo Prof Dr . The clever Kılıçarslan , gave information on the definition of the disease. Necessary legislation for the prevention of disease and that there are regulations but despite that employers take the necessary measures and said it was missing the controls in this context. Photo Chest Disease Specialist Dr. Coates CaniVIZ will be using the powers granted by the law before the beer, forcing union also said to take an active role in the business should begin the process. Rolling and will not be in a position to postpone noted . Ötelenil deferred in all areas and noted that a worker becomes sick friend . The Photo Attorney Gülseren Tekeş , of workers infected and gave information about the legal process to follow . Tekeş , silicosis told patients that there is a monetary compensation lawsuit on rights against the employer .
Then some of the factory workers suffered from silicosis disease talked about the hardships took the floor and creating a power of print as a society in the face of these events said they need to fight this disease .


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