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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2012, Cuma 15:34

Silk:When the per capita national income of 20 thousand dollars will solve regional problems

Silk:When the per capita national income of 20 thousand dollars will solve regional problems
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Bayramlaşmada hence the Feast of the Sacrifice of the political parties, the Felicity Party (SP) General Headquarters, the AK Party, CHP, MHP, BBP, DP and Workers' Party delegations visited.

therefore, the Feast of the Sacrifice bayramlaşmada

between political parties, the Felicity Party (SP) General Headquarters, the AK Party, CHP, MHP, BBP, DP and Workers' Party delegations visited.

visit the AK Party, Secretary General Haluk Ipek, Turkey's national income increased rapidly, indicating the per capita national income in 10 years said they had 3 thousand to $ 10 thousand to $ 500 . Silk, national income, together with the emergence of 20 thousand dollars could solve regional problems noted.

Felicity Party Deputy Chairman Aydin and Muhittin Lightning Birol, who is visiting the party greeted the guests. Lightning and Aydin, before the guest has the AK Party delegation headed by the Secretary General Haluk Ipek. Birol Aydin, holy in his speech then, the victim stated there were an increase in donations in recent years, said the moral dimension decreases. Aydin speech critical of capitalism, consumer culture, morality and conscience of the society said it was caused by a degeneration.

Felicity Party Deputy Chairman Muhittin Lightning criticized the education system. 4 +4 +4 Lightning noted that an important step in the education system, courses, lectures weight should be given to the religious needs of citizens, he argued. Lightning, in his speech also spoke about problems in the region. Lightning, the case for the unity of Islam, underscored satisfied by the problems in the region.

" national income 20 B OF THE REGIONAL problems to be solved with the emergence on the dollar"& lt; br/>


after the AK Party, SP, CHP came to holy. CHP delegation, Deputy Chairman Bulent Tezcan, Mehmet Unal Party members of Parliament rose and took part in the farmer. Party members were then assessed on the agenda holy.

SP, Deputy Chairman Aydin, speech, criticized the parliamentary parties could not make it together. Aydin,"I wish the Prime Minister, the main opposition oturabilseler come together. Could see this table a breakfast side by side. Tense political atmosphere of the nation nervous."he said.

Aydin, the next feast, President Gül said that you can piece together the leaders of all political parties. Aydın said,"In this country, Turkey to establish a new overall we have to move in the same spirit. These are not something that will make a political party. Needs to be humbled a lot of people with a higher authority. However, seem to have created small mountains like ours."he said.

CHP Tezcan different things that everyone should say the politics saving the beauty of festivals is to bring together the different thinkers stressed. Tezcan representing power must act with patience, but stressed that in this way could provide tranquility. Tezcan argued that it move out of power,"must be seen as the ruling authority of patience authority. Authority and not as the power."he said.


King, holy in his speech, then, Turkey's an important item for the economy and said that the problem of terrorism. King, said:"The Prime Minister at the moment they do, well that did not perform with national visibility jacket. Prime minister, even if the slightest thing iktidarsızlaştırdı control. Fully understanding of Anglo-Saxon law brought to Turkey. Such a control structure formed. Now suddenly increased the number of provinces provincial boundaries expanded. Provincial boundaries of what purpose the Expansion? Turkey trying to create regional governments. Here, the words of Oslo's what I wanted to. Metropolitan law, they open the way for a period of autonomous regional government-round. thus increasing resistance to breaking point. '

King, Parliament also criticized for bringing the desired 18 years of age. With this arrangement, the power, the terrorist organization PKK wants to pave the way for openly defending the King to the Parliament,"If you elected 18 years of military service will uninstall the right. Regional governments to strengthen and reinforce the structure of the nation-state brought up the age of 18."he said.

KÜÇÜKKAYA:" NOBLE NOW BİZDEYKEN television screens would not have been hitting the"& lt; br/>

DP Sertkaya media gösterememesinden enough attention to them, and their voices duyuramamadan close enough. Küçükkaya, Solomon Soylu, at the time of DP has failed to television, but the AK Party, to pass, with television ran television said. Küçükkaya, Turkey is now to find a place in the media, said that the equivalent of belonging to the ruling party.

Aydın, under the control of the media pointed out that 70 per cent of the AK Party. Aydın emphasized overcome them in 5-10 years, the nation's waist bound by unlimited unlimited announced to no one. Aydin,"The nation do what is necessary."he said.

Silk:When the per capita national income of 20 thousand dollars will solve regional problems" comments for.


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