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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 11:56

Simitli in Parliament Press Conference

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CHP Kocaeli Deputy Khurshid Sun,"Look at the state of Turkey.

CHP Kocaeli Deputy Khurshid Sun,"Look at the state of Turkey. Agrarian country, Turkey consumed in this country can not produce sesame. Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, comes from the look of infamy,"he said.
at a press conference in Parliament that he loved wheel and buy in childhood, indicating that wheel Khurshid Sun, told his childhood memories."Bagels came to a hike in the price of wheel 1 lira in Istanbul and came to 40 cents,"said Sun, sesame is nothing more than the cost increase of 6 cents, 40 cents, he said the hike. Sun,"In fact, the cost increases with increases of the major differences between there,"he said.
In 1994 rose by a law wheel's price to determine the Competition Act is contrary to the said Sun,"This Melis this item must cancel, the related one can quote. Competition Authority'm warning you, this tariff competition contrary to the spirit, which is the citizen wheel expensive feeding due to which the investigation began and the necessary criminal proceedings do. many people in Turkey wheel expensive should not eat. A family bagel sated wishes, morning, noon and evening 1 wheel yes a month 500 pounds makes,"he said.
enough in Turkey sesame manufactured been pointed out to the sun,"Turkey, 16 thousand tons of sesame producers, wheel because we consume sesame 150 thousand tons. Turkey's look into. agrarian country, Turkey consumes sesame seeds in this country can not produce. Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, comes from the ignominy see,"he said.
Then he brought with wheel reporters distributes sun, hike where every journalist half-wheel gave.

Simitli in Parliament Press Conference" comments for.


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