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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:17

Simulator in Alaplı Heavy Equipment Course Opened

Simulator in Alaplı Heavy Equipment Course Opened
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Alaplı district of Zonguldak Vocational Training Centre, Alaplı the Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans of cooperation backhoe simulator course was opened .

Zonguldak news: Photo opening Alaplı held at the Vocational Training Center Governor Anderson Ages , Alaplı Mayor Nuri Thompson, Alaplı Safety Manager Erkan Diamond, Alaplı Justice in charge of Judge Ahmed Ash, CHP Alaplı county Chairman Hüseyin Tosun, Western Black Sea Development Agency officials, apartment managers and school joined managers. Alaplı speaking at the Photo course opening Vocational Training Centre Manager Ertuğrul Yalınbaş , the Vocational Training Centre in Turkey said first simulator of construction machinery they opened the course. participated in the realization of the Photo Project Yalınbaş Say Thank You to last , \"Alaplı Vocational Centre Alaplı Western Black Sea with Tradesmen Craftsmen Chamber of cooperation we offer the Development Agency and approved to be supported by the West Black Sea Development Agency'simulator training right Choice for Professional operatorship'we have inaugurated the project called class. in our country, to meet and the needs of industry developments in the construction sector, secure , efficient , effective and to ensure compliance with the standards of professional education Ministry of Education ; to find solutions to the problem of unemployment in our region ; To provide employment opportunities to the unemployed and allow the specialization of existing operators , a risk-free environment at a low cost operators will be trained , safe and convenient operator technique for effective virtual workspace , we have prepared such a project to teach the machine controls and safe operation. Dangerous work , our priority in education
areas, security breach , equipment damage , risks arising from real situations such as fuel consumption will work in the construction and demolition sector by reducing to zero by train qualified Photo elements that contribute to increasing employment opportunities for young unemployed , he said. 3 is the week of the training period the project, said that a 72-hour course. At the end of training , business machine operator trainees who pass the exams will be issued . At the same time Turkey in the simulator Business Machine educator first and they feel the pride and joy of being the only school belirtti.b which contributed greatly to the formation of the project's realization and our district projects cultures former District Governor of our Yildiray Malğaç , come the first day of lent their support of our project since Alaplı our Governor Anderson Ages and the district project coordinator us to our district of operators who Özkan will grow thanks thanks SUID project Iron and I wish to make our country better , \"he said . Photo Alaplı Governor Anderson Ages also be beneficial to the district's course and expressed by the simulator course better quality and trained element needs would be met after the speech Alaplı Photo ages Governor and Mayor Nuri Alaplı Thompson, received practical information on how to use the simulator system and the labor machine simulator course .


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