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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 17:23

Sındırgı , International Festival Ready to Yağcıbedir

Sındırgı , International Festival Ready to Yağcıbedir
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SINDIRGI'16 which will be held between September 3-6 . International Sındırgı Yağcıbedir Carpet, Culture and Art Days'for the preparation has been completed.

Balıkesir news: Mayor Ekrem slow , Sındırgı Yağcıbedir value of carpets in Turkey , he said .
Sındırgı Mayor Ekrem slow , Sındırgı Emender Hotels met with members of the press . September 3 to 6 dates between festival which will be giving information about President Slow, \"3-4-5-6 on September the 16th time that we Sındırgı Yağcıbedir Arts and Culture Days will be held . Yağcıbedir reviews texture a carpet festival are doing. This Yağcıbedir , carpet the other culture is the name . Yağcıbedir the Ottoman army in the spring meets the needs of the tribe is the name . today in Turkey, 5 of them SINDIRGI , the first one Bigadic , the four of them in Bergama , 8 of them sewn for a total of 18 units Yağcıbedir village is located. Sındırgı and Bigadic those of the male side , Bergama and standing in the girls side is called . a wedding so 600 years ago fighting as a result of two separate groups were formed. Bergama rug as a rug , there is Yağcıbedir carpet has . Pergamon Latin kingdom is the name of the Latin Kingdom of Turkish carpets not. Each pattern meaning that loads religious concepts reflecting a carpet're talking about , \"he said .
President Slow, events full now , saying that Balıkesir the festival invited . Ekrem \"Slow Yağcıbedir carpets of Balikesir, a value not in Turkey is a value . These carpets is never ever a carpet can not intervene . Today SINDIRGI in the villages touches. This year we will do events of 11 thousand square meters, a covered market place, fair flavor will be . from 8 countries, 25 folklore ensembles festival will join us . Moreover September 3 liberation from enemy occupation of our history , therefore events on September 3 launched , \"he said .
festival program by the September 3 SINDIRGI's liberation from enemy occupation will start with the program from various countries folklore teams take the stage . Mehter show , as well as oil wrestling festival will be held the evening torchlight procession march will be held .

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