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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 16:46

Singapore of Africa Awaits Investors in Izmir

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Benin President Boni Yayi of Benin, Africa's rapidly growing might of Singapore , said:\"businessmen from Izmir, I am very happy to see my country .

Benin President Boni Yayi , a rapidly growing Benin, Africa's Singapore could be said, \"İzmirli businessmen in my country to see you so happy. More from Izmir investors are expecting , you first'll come , assess opportunities ,\"he said . Izmir Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ekrem Demirtas , 350 million of Benin, West Africa is the entry point to the market , said:\"Three thousand years in Africa, the continent outside to take our place in the economy of our top priorities ,\"he said . Demirtas also to the development of relations between Turkey and the contribution due to me , \"I Salute Award \"was given .
Izmir Chamber of Commerce, with a delegation of 28 people from African countries of Benin, business and study trips organized . Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ekrem Demirtas , Assembly President Rebiya the Akdurak , Vice Chairman Akin Kazançoğlu , Board Member and Treasurer Cuneyt distress, and Board Members Mert Pala and Ali Yilmaz consisting of ITO delegation from Istanbul Benin Cotonou from the City Turkish Airlines organized the first expedition went to Benin on Monday evening, June 21 . Istanbul-Cotonou Cotonou time due to the start of the first flight at the airport held a welcome cocktail .
The context of formal talks began on Tuesday, June 22 , in Benin 2 Turkey business forum was held in Benin . Forum , by me while attending seven ministers and many businessmen , the information given about me then talks were held between the businessmen of the two countries . Beninl businessmen , ITO bilateral discussions with members showed great interest . Benin President Boni Yayi also agreed to the ICC delegation Presidential Palace . Appeared in two hour-long interview , ICC members, \"Welcome to Izmir . Yourself , accept your country . Because Turkey will not stop until I have a relationship with the deceased ,\"he said . The past year in Turkey during his visit , President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan between the two countries flights are due to begin and Benin Turkish businessmen in attendance during the first visit of Turkish-Business forum will take place promised reminded that they Yayi, \"the same during a visit Izmir also came and ITO President Demirtas also with members of my country I invited . Today these words kept to see that , to welcome you'm very happy , \"he said .
\" mE wITH TURKISH ECONOMIC should join forces \"< br/> Benin's Yayi , indicating that the continuous growing economy , with growth of 3.4 per cent in 2011 to 5.6 percent rise last year , said they expect growth of 6.5 percent this year . Publication , \"In my country in 2006 to 400 dollars per capita income in 2012 to $ 800 rose. This now with you 1200 dollars wants to take ,\"he said .
Of Benin in the international market confidence due to the stability indicating increased Yayi, growth and prosperity many public and private sectors to accelerate prepare investment projects , he said. They are in the harbor , airports, dams , tourism facilities as well as major infrastructure investments that said Yayi, \"Me's 350 million population, the West African market exactly at the entry point . Benin's Singapore would like to be . That you wish to accomplish . Petroleum under the enormous wealth we have , nearby oil exports in'll start . longer our friendship, following the concrete steps we want to see . you coming to our country first işadamlarındans you . herein permanent should try to make and I you with all my strength I support. I think the world's largest 5-6 from economies of Turkey which is one with the greatest wealth with me their power should unite , \"he said .
ITO Chairman Ekrem Demirtas , B as 3 thousand years of the continent shown with Africa for many years in close association , they were high-level visits this relationship with work to improve , he said. Demirtas, \"His Excellency President Boni Yayi of Benin also were entertained in Izmir on 13 December 2013 . Benin She had invited us to dinner . These with our visit we are happy to respond to the invitation ,\"he said . Stating that they see great interest in Benin warm hospitality Demirtas, a fast-growing relationship between the two countries and said it was to join forces . Demirtas, \"President of Turkey Abdullah Gul and Benin President Boni Yayi of the friendship between our relations further rapid development allows. Among our States , from trade to agriculture , from culture to technology in many areas of agreement signed there . Countries in the Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency -TICA projects and Benin to support continuous continues . Cotton cultivation under the technical training of specialists and the potter education, tika me for projects implemented only two of the \"he said.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's \"But we in the West are different. western by far Africa always going to take , we give and share're going to ,\"he recalls Demirtas, said that they have the same objective . Demirtas, \"Indeed, we all African countries of Benin and economic development , we want to support the improvement of quality of life . Wealth does not take away your share, this way we aim to contribute to your well zenginleşmemize \"he said. Turkey's Benin support , as well as Benin's always next to Turkey that took place Demirtas, the most recent instance also of Benin EXPO 2020 rating Izmir in to vote for this game and to guarantee Benin Foreign Minister'displayed letting that person's arrival in Paris , said he would never forget it .
Benin, Africa in Turkey'the stable one of the countries due to give special attention that the axiom Demirtas , Benin's West African States economic Community ( ECOWAS) member , due to the 350 million people and 750 billion dollars in economic volume of a market with the the entrance gate , he said . Benin, 28 people with a delegation indicating that they came Demirtas, said:
\"Textile, food, automotive, construction, chemical , optical , livestock and various other sectors of the leading names in the members where our delegation have created . Benin's ever increasing potential on-site inspection , the trade how we can move forward he came to talk . these meetings and bilateral business meetings , our trade mutual balance within you increase will allow us to important meetings . Turkey and Benin trade volume between the last 6 years, approximately 5-fold increase . in 2008 27.6 million dollars in the trade volume in 2013, 129.1 million dollars was realized . our trade increase exponentially gratifying , but we can do more than have the potential to . Cooperation our fields are limitless. food products, poultry , construction materials, iron and steel , agricultural products , cotton, textiles products. Merchandising is subject to our items , while diversifying by working together, the total trade volume also in equilibrium move up should . \"
\" to share our experiences WANT \"
Benin's infrastructure investments to complete the case very easily indicating that the Singapore of Africa may be Demirtas, \"We in this regard are ready to give our best support . We will visit your Free Zone , we will look at how we can improve . We have great experience in this regard . To share our experiences , to support you together, enriched me to come , \"he said , forum and bilateral talks Benin cotton production, transportation, agriculture, infrastructure investments, land transport fleet renewal , in areas like health there are great opportunities that they saw indicating Demirtas, these Beninl the with businessmen want to evaluate said. Izmir provide information about the Demirtas, much more Beninl the businessman, investment, trade and to vacation in Izmir, they want to see , Beninl to businessmen every possible assistance , he said. Relations in the development of education and student exchange is also very important that emphasizes Demirtas, ITO founded by 28 African students in Izmir University of Economics , he said . \"But we do not have any students from Benin . Mr. President, for the new academic year with a full scholarship to send a student to read Beninl expect, \"he said.
in the evening Benin Foreign Minister Nassirou Bako Arifar , the ICC delegation to honor the dinner gave . Dining , Turkey-Benin relation to the development of its contributions Izmir Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ekrem Demirtas , \"the Benin Awards Salute \"was given . President Yayi given by Award medal , Minister of Foreign Affairs Ministers Arifar Demirtas offered. Demirtas, Italy, the U.S. , countries such as Greece has received from the top-level engagements and said, \"But from Africa I received this aim in my life with honor will carry . I am getting this medal on behalf of all ICC members , \"he said .

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