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  • 09 Eylül 2014, Salı 19:25

Singer Alishan , City Visits

Singer Alishan , City Visits
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In Balıkesir , which will give a concert in the National Lottery draw on September 9 Alisan, Balikesir Mayor visited Edip Ugur .

Balıkesir news: In Balıkesir National Lottery September 9th raffle will give a concert with Alisan, Balikesir Mayor Edip Ugur visited .
Balıkesir Municipality visiting famous artists Alishan , President Ugur in his new position and wished success . Classmate Mayor Ismail Culture and Art Consultant Voicing Ozkan sincerity Alishan , Balıkesir, between 1997 and 2000, stating that they came many times , said that many friends in Balıkesir . University life Referring to Alishan , \"Ismail with the same university were reading . Then I lined up because the university I left, Ismail Ozkan September 9 to the University by switching it finished ,\"he said .
Friendly and warm dialogue passed at a meeting of Balikesir Mayor Ahmet Edip Ugur expressed his satisfaction with the visit , the people in Balıkesir recently stated that the concert was intense . Alishan is also a city of Balikesir active in the field of music , he said.
Super League teams continue with the support of the Municipality of Balıkesirspor should stated that the Alishan , \"Balıkesirspor if the municipality had atmazsa in good condition do not see . such provincial teams organized should work . this way both material and spiritual development can be . first year is very important. that's why the president's strong hand should take ,\"he said .
Mayor Ahmet Edip Ugur asking his team Alishan \"Galatasaray \"when you get the answer , \"I Fenerbahçeliyim . stress more media than we let's get up to say,\"the President and his entourage laugh.

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