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SON Dakika

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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:13

Singer Mother:\"My son can not stay in the prison's Afraid Too Small \"

Singer Mother:\
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Adana 8 found stabbed and killed his ex-girlfriend that he killed his son's case to protect the suspect asserts the singer Asuman K. \"My son can not stay in prison very little fear \"he revealed .

Adana news: Photo by information obtained, the event Seyhan district , in the neighborhood Yenibaraj November 9, 2014 occurred the day . Allegedly, such as the neighborhood in the evening at 19.30 68050 New Dam Street Sezer neighbors heard the sound of a fight in an apartment in 2 Site. After a while he saw the two women ran away quickly got into the car of a man . Thereupon citizens gave police. 3rd floor when the police came to the scene Ayyýldýz Bilal (23) found in blood. Dr. ambulance was called immediately injured Love Tüfekçi removed Çukurova State Hospital. However, 2 hours after the event has lost its Ayyýldýz life. Adana Police Department Homicide Bureau detectives at the scene to come home at last ran Ayyıldız'ın her estranged lover, singer Asuman K. ( 37) , mother Makbule K. ( 60 ) and Asuman them that K.'s 14-year-old son of SA it also was determined that Ö.'N left home with the car's ride . Police in his camera review by determining that the 4 person went to Ankara , caught them in Gölbaşı .
\" separated by BAR , the son kidnapped DEATH THREAT HAS \"Photo midnight Adana Security Directorate by police'continues the query of what brought the suspect. SA was delivered to the child's age as a branch manager for a small expression began to be accompanied by a psychologist. Meanwhile Asuman a bar that night to sing on stage at the K. 500 pounds , he also met at the bar with Bilal Ayyýldýz and they became lovers , then said they began renting the house to stay together . Asuman K , \"We have long-time boyfriend only recently started asking all the money I earn in . I am not accept and do not call me that, \"you work for me , \"he said . I told him I wanted to leave also would like to walk the relationship .'I'll kill you me, if you leave ,\"he threatened had . in the end bars come son kidnapped by turning me on the phone ,'with me, me , son dies , the son of me you do not try , \"he said . I saved my son pretend it was trying \"he revealed .
\" HOME HAVE learned that our stuff MAKING we GO \"Photo Bilal Ayyýldýz to leave him in order not to bribe you change the lock so the door is put to the head but Asuman indicating that fear though K. , \"secretly my son , my mother and I a while to collect our belongings come home would go to Ankara. Bilal's friends call for it before I told my friend that asked if the home is not home . that's why we came home with our driver was immediately beside remains is 2-3 days. I've come home and my mom to get items. I put the key in the door and went up the elevator but did not open . I wanted to leave in front of the door with my mother suspects will be Bilal's inside but Bilal came out and began discussing \"said said .
\" SON KNIFE DISCONNECT Random shook , Bilal was wounded \"< br/> Meanwhile, explaining that his son came to the side of the laptop down from his car to get his beloved Asuman K. \"My son came when he saw our discussion . We want to go ride the elevator Turning our backs . Had my son in the back , pulled my son from behind holding Bilal . My son shook randomly remove the knife in his pocket . Bilal was injured we also ran. Have come later and died there . We went to Ankara with the car where police caught us, \"he revealed . Photo SON TO PROTECT FOR ITSELF TO YOU SAID THAT After a Photo Asuman K. captured in the first statement to the police , Bilal Ayyýldýz son said he killed himself to protect . However, 14-year-old SA event in his statement taken in the presence of a child psychologist telling the naked truth , \"Bilal Ayyýldýz is not my mother I killed my mother had been bothering constantly , I it bıçaklamasa I he would have killed us ,\"gave he said. Anne Asuman K. Recognizing that this murder committed upon the son , \"My son, fear can remain very small in prison , how to stop there ,\"he learned that crying. of Photo suspects are expected to be sent to the court today.

Singer Mother:\"My son can not stay in the prison's Afraid Too Small \"" comments for.


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