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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:06

Sinop Development Workshop Report Released

Sinop Development Workshop Report Released
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Sinop Province and the North Anatolian Development Agency ( KUZKA ) in cooperation with the 8 to 9 February 2014. Sinop University Ahmet Muhip Dranas final report of the workshop held at the application have been announced.

Sinop news:
in Sinop first realized Development Workshop report of Sinop'urbanization , infrastructure, industry and energy , culture, tourism, education, health, agriculture and animal husbandry'fields of study results include .
the workshop, according to the report emerged some of the results are as follows:
\"Urbanization ; 1/100000 scale environmental plan as the upper scale plans, local needs can not meet . Hence these plans the principle of participation within the framework of the preparation , province-based planning and urban development plans and special purpose plans that in unity is required.
in transportation , provincial and urban transportation systems in the province according to their needs , developing and city residents to public transport encouraging . coastal areas with the city promote integration , maritime transport further promote the use of the .
Industry and energy emerging in the field results are to be established nuclear power plant impacts not foreseen , the manufacturing industry dependent on foreign demand, qualified workforce deficiency, logistics costs are high, employment and poverty policies of the informal economy to give rise to .
a very long history , having the nature , physical geography, historical and cultural assets rich in Sinop, Culture and Tourism in the area of infrastructure ( physical and social ) , diversification of tourism , promotion and marketing studies in the direction of . \"
workshop results in the field of Education and Health in the following way:\"Sinop, Sinop, TR82 and Turkey in terms of general education statistics than the average in good condition. However, in vocational education dropout rate was 6 percent in Sinop in Turkey was announced as 17 percent . The most prominent features in the following way:Early marriage , friends, environment , getting along with teachers , guidance counselors deficiency, low levels of income , family life , respectively. In the area of ​​Health of Turkey carries the title of the oldest cities in Sinop seen as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases intense . According to the report of the workshop is not necessary infrastructure is being shipped out of the province for the patients . In these areas, necessary investments and angiography and cardiography units and gain needs to be . \"
agriculture and animal husbandry in the area from the workshop, according to the results:\"Sinop in animal husbandry best gain gained from ovine and beekeeping . Limited agricultural areas , especially where there are sheep in the stands . On the other hand, the inspections carried out in relation to the fisheries sector in relation to this major problem arising in the direction of uneducated workers . Finally, 90 percent of the seabed due to hydrogen sulfide in the section without signs of life in the Black Sea attention is drawn to the importance of fisheries . In this context, Sinop fish market and wholesale center made ​​among the results . \"
Sinop Governor Yavuz Selim Köşker report of the workshop related to the statement said. Köşker said in a statement following statements replied:\"2014 year in February, the first we have realized Sinop Development workshop final report was published in a book , and as of today , this book is being sent to all relevant authorities . First of all academics who participated in the workshop , especially the folks at all academic levels , literate are sent to all parts of Sinop . This book Sinop planning the next ten years is the product of a study mahbup . This book to all relevant authorities , we are sending to the authorities in Sinop, Sinop and in all public offices , all units subsequent investments , work in this workshop will try to execute in parallel with the result . Very important from our perspective , it was a very productive workshop . The results of this workshop using the common mind of Sinop , Sinop say in this regard that anyone who has the competence appeared to be a product has been mainstreamed into the work . Sinop Governor Yavuz Selim pavilion at the end of his speech , is very important for the next ten years in Sinop , Sinop will be doubled over the next decade in every sense , economic , population, urban sense , will double . Therefore, the slapdash way and not walking without pre-planning , the next ten years we will walk the path by planning in advance , what to do , seeing ahead of us are trying to do , the main objective of the workshop was the principal . \"

Sinop Development Workshop Report Released" comments for.


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