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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 16:17

Sinusitis Protection Paths

Sinusitis Protection Paths
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Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Oper .

Samsun news: Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Oper . Dr. Bronze superior , to protect them from sinusitis heeded even a simple fever , nasal congestion that can take a long time to be allowed , no smoking , air conditioned environment, polluted air, and said I should not stay long . Medical Park Hospital in Samsun
from the Department of Otolaryngology Oper . Dr. Bronze Outstanding \"sinusitis \"briefed . Dr. Bronze Outstanding, \"Sine face and head bones'located within the interior air are the gaps . Upper jaw in two opposite large cheek sinus , frontal bone in a large frontal sinus , eyes located between the small chamber consisting of the ethmoid sinuses and skull base, an established a deep sinüsü our are available. sine of our most important tasks they secrete secretion with the whole upper respiratory tract continuously to clear . said this sinus separately or only one half of the face or together inflammation into the sinusitis is called. example 10-15 since an ongoing cold table is actually an acute is sinusitis . many years of recurrent chronic sinusitis symptoms can be said that we are experiencing , \"he said .
sinusitis causes of
providing information on the causes of sinusitis , Dr. Outstanding , \"Generally speaking sinuses clear thin channels clogged sinus disease begins. The blockage treatment or self-inflates sinusitis recover but if you open if the disease become chronic . Sinus ducts obstruction of some nasal and sinus related structural conditions , recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, allergic causes, such as polyps and adenoids can lead to the formation . certain hereditary problems and immune problems are also other causes of sinusitis , \"he said .
Symptoms of sinusitis
Dr. Bronze Superior , sinusitis about the symptoms said:\"nasal obstruction, nasal and postnasal drip , nasal speech , sense of smell disorders, frequent colds had the flu , and they easily geçmeyiş , especially children more , including persistent cough and sinusitis symptoms. Contrary to popular belief acute sinusitis outside of headaches sinusitis is not common. herein headaches that lead to inflammatory events rather than inside the nose sinus channels affecting some other structural conditions , \"he said.
sinusitis in the operation time
in case of sinusitis, surgery, drug therapy should tell you that the opening of Oper . Dr. Bronze Outstanding, \"commonly reported sinusitis in the endoscopic examination and tomographic examination of the sinus cleanse itself of channels in which the mouth if it is blocked and this blockage drug therapy and opened the surgery required. Moreover sinusitis, eye and head into the spread, they complication in cases of emergency surgeries may be required ,\"he said .
in the treatment of sinusitis, sinus surgery almost entirely endoscopic surgeries performed today
saying that Dr. Outstanding , \"the former surgical techniques sine we call space in front of the bones breaking is open and inflamed tissue was removed from . However, the natural discharge path sinus channels ( natural ostia and ) remain closed can , this is among the people of sinusitis repeat perception that could lead to . Nowadays, sinus surgery is now almost completely endoscopy is done . herein during the examination used with an endoscope recently developed thin instruments are used.completely inside the nose by entering sinus their natural channels opens up in this no other anatomical structures without damaging the work is required. mostly general anesthesia , and sometimes local anesthesia is preferred. Moreover technological supported as operating conditions and experienced professionals specially trained in this regard requires the presence of . Endoscopic surgery; sine function and impaired physiology observe that the corrected results for envisioning a surgery is very successful . Of the nose and sinuses finest detail showing the endoscope assistance and special microsurgical instruments made ​​with surgery an appropriate technical and patient follow-up with the sinusitis problem at a great rate solves , \"he said .
SURGERY success rate of < br/> People between the postoperative sinusitis is a common belief that repeated re-telling Dr. Ustun said:\"this is very much old-style dating from the year of sinusitis surgery is an information . Endoscopic sinus surgery success depends on many factors . Sinusitis and one does not have a single sinus surgery techniques . So is not the same for each patient . For example, only sine channels narrowed or clogged that simple recurrent sinusitis success rate of 90 per cent , while on involving all sinuses is a common polyps sinusitis success in less than one sinus involvement in the case where success can be full allergic ground due to sinusitis in the frequency and severity decreased , although iterations are possible. Also surgery after treatment with appropriate medication and a regular patient impression during surgery, the equipment used and the doctors on this issue specific experience affecting the success of other factors. \"
OPERATION HAZARD < br/> Superior , \"Endoscopic sinus surgery surgery , physician must be experienced to do much about it . Brain, eye and sinus surgery because of its proximity to some of the great vessels in inexperienced hands can lead to unintended consequences . Smart surgeon skills, knowledge and experience are aware of where to stop the person who knows is , \"he said.
Patients usually operated on the day of discharge and outpatient be emphasized that Dr. Bronze Outstanding, \"Burn closing a buffer within 1-2 days by removing the patient follow-up taken and 5th day, the patient can return to work . 3 weeks early follow-up period , the patients long-term follow-ups are \"information gave .
Oper . Dr. Bronze Superior finished by saying:\"It recurrent sinusitis , upper respiratory tract may lead to even a simple fever should be heeded . Nasal obstruction that can not be allowed to take a long time . No smoking , air conditioned environment, polluted air, and not one's own, can take a long thick are the main measures . Those with upper respiratory allergies necessarily appear to an ENT specialist is recommended. \"

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