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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:03

\"Sir Oflu Password\"Film Gala Controversy of Blasphemy

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Bolu , a spectator in an interview signature participated'in the film are very blasphemy'Oflu Responding to criticism of the director of the teacher's password to film Adam Sword , \"I Imam and Preacher grad , to me you can not mind about it,\"he said.

Bolu news: Photo Oflu Hoxha's premiere of the movie Password TEM highway was in a shopping center in Bolu Mountain areas. Cinema where many people participated in the gala night , Film Director Adam Sword, Oflu teacher plays the character Çetin Altay and the players showed great interest in the Eyüpoğlu folder . Gala night ,'There is too much swearing in the film says,'there was a tension between short-term director Adam Sword with an audience. Sword does not accept the audience's criticism , \"I Imam and Preacher grad , I can not give reasoning on this issue ,\"he said . A person Huseyin Kocak is the interviews with the players in the film Photo Gala, the character portrayed Oflu teacher is much swearing and the film with the child in half, leaving the director of the film go on to say that Adam was uncomfortable Sword . Sword responding with harsh words to the audience , said:\"Look, we do not preach. We made a comedy . You can go whether preferred or not. You can not like it. So far, you know Turkish films teachers were shown how ? Hocalar deranged , reading, blowing , making amulets, the people on the road was shown as issuing people. our Oflu our teacher extremely characterful, mosque showing inability to concentrate on people's event , extremely character has started to bakery stop imam , honorable, a man honest wise . our teacher this . We do not do it for swearing in disbelief . Hodja angry and cursed . this curse is not galizar a curse . we are already doing a pastime. wrong to perceive as real life. Coach humiliating , did you see religious degrading any aspect ? tell him if you have an objective. Yes, you have a purpose. I did not answer you. another I will not answer you . \"is reminiscent of the Imam and Preacher graduated response Adam insisted on showing the audience a Photo Sword, \"People do not offer a way of life . Do you listen? You may have liked you . But millions of people going to the movies. You've come here to whisk us beyond question . Look , sir, I am a graduate of Imam and Preacher . Do you have religious knowledge ? However , what you read ? You do not give me wisdom about it, my brother , okay? Mind you give , you take a brush. Extremely shame you do in this society . We come to your doorstep. You put brush us here. Another question that I would like to receive inquiries sane , \"he said.

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