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  • 05 Ekim 2013, Cumartesi 16:04

Siri found a mysterious voice

Siri found a mysterious voice
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Siri application found in possession of a mysterious voice İphon'un

Susan Bennett Apple 's Siri her voice application claimed to belong to.
Sticky Thread Sticky Thread Bennett, in 2011, the new iPhone when the situation told colleagues he said.

Millions iPad'lerdeki iPhone and Siri voice command application The mystery is solved. The application was introduced so far to be a subject of curiosity for the mysterious sound Bennett'a Susan appeared.

USA 'living in the Atlanda Bennett, said in an interview with CNN television Smurfs. Bennett, Siri voice of its own for months to prove that you're dealing said. Bennett and lawsuit without evidence of a real fear of identity Avustralyalı'Siri'lerden inspired by describing the British and decided to come forward.

Bennett, record occurred in 2005, Sticky Thread for four hours every day for a month and doing sound recording said. Speaking to CNN dubbing artist,"Sticky Thread to record audio when I did not know what. My friends said that my voice is very similar to Siri in 2011, when the new iPhone. Then I listened to it, yes, Siri was the one ,"he said.

Susen Bennett, debit programs, GPS, and lent his voice to the airport terminals. Atlanta Airport after dubbing artist of CNN reporter who wants to interview, Bennett was discovered accidentally.

an official statement from Apple has not done yet.

Siri found a mysterious voice" comments for.


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