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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 17:56

Sirnak-Mardin Chamber of Pharmacists'Medication Can Be a'Campaign Continues

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Chamber of Pharmacists of Sirnak and Mardin , in Rojov for Syria's ongoing'One Life Drug Ol'drug found in the discussion with the campaign .

Şırnak news:
Sirnak and Mardin Chamber of Pharmacists of Syria Rojov region towards the startup and a year-long'a congenial Drug Ol'drug campaign so far 4 GB tool consisting of drugs and medical materials Rojov region as delivered to and the fifth will be sent to you shortly after the vehicle was specified. Mardin, Sirnak Advocacy Chamber of Pharmacists'Medication Can Be a'drug campaign with the slogan launched in Cizre, a press release was held on . Pharmacists in the Chamber at the meeting held Commenting Cizre Chamber of Pharmacists President Hedo Munis , \"over 3 years for a while Rojava in the long civil war with the pain of destruction, by and with the tragedy continues. Experienced war, a great human tragedy has caused . Wound winding to meet immediate needs, behalf in May 2014 began on that and will continue to drugs and medical material aid campaign, until now 4 GB tool consisting of medicines and medical supplies Rojov region reached , \"he said .
Cizre Chamber of Pharmacists members Vafa Aksoy If , within the framework of this campaign started five months ago every month 1 GB where it is needed medicines and medical supplies to the United States recalled . Al, \"Now the 5th aid trucks work of are about to finish , and this is the fifth aid trucks also Kopana of sending believe . These campaigns Our purpose in the people there drugs and medical supplies need is to meet . So far our people in the campaign have made their contributions would like to thank . the campaign launched in Sirnak Mardin Chamber of Pharmacists room alone support from other pharmacists hope the future , \"he said .

Sirnak-Mardin Chamber of Pharmacists'Medication Can Be a'Campaign Continues" comments for.


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