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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 12:49

Şırnak province is a bridge of brotherhood

Şırnak province is a bridge of brotherhood
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Ministry of Youth and Sports 'pilgrim-the plane Trail' project, in conjunction with the visit was founded in Şırnak province is a bridge of brotherhood.

Under the project, the students Şırnak province is the historical and cultural places visited.

the Ministry of Youth and Sports, has signed a project organized camping and sightseeing beautiful. The Ministry, on the one hand take a variety of youth summer camps, social, cultural and sporting activities, editing, on the other hand, takes a tour of Turkey's 81 provinces to bring together young people. Making a positive impact on the project on behalf of the East-West fusion, the fusion has developed among young people.

'pilgrim-the plane Trail' project, between June 21 to September 5, 2013 inclusive, the provinces inhabited by young people in the age group 14-26, the different provinces of the country to travel, socialize with their peers in order to get acquainted and prepared. Under the project, 55 thousand young people participating in the country's 81 provinces, together with their peers from different cultures, different places outside of their provinces had the opportunity to sight-seeing.

'pilgrim' project, Şırnak to the 50 people on a tour of the historical and cultural places visited Karabük procession. General Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution karabük konaklanan University students, in the district of Karabük and Safranbolu Turkey 4 Mencilis Bulak Cave is a large cave, iron and steel mill, Safranbolu district of historic homes and the nomad village has seen many historical and cultural sightseeing attractions.

"THEY WANT to come to our region"

Karabük Idris sucking young people who want to come to Sirnak, Turkey"started with the process of this solution is very it was a good project. Şırnak province is we're here. Karabük people saw familiar to them. tourism in this place we saw were very pleased. God bless the organizers of this trip. We also want them to come to our Sirnak. our people We want them to see. was motivated nice for us. Black Sea region, its people, its beautiful forests, we saw a beautiful environment. anyone's mind that this is no problem with the peace process, no doubt, remain in prejudice.", he said.

Semih Sling 'This trip would like to thank the Ministry of Youth and Sports. east-west, and to strengthen the relationship between the ministry would like to thank for the excellent cooperation between the. previous trip we had camp life. This camp They cut the prejudices of the people against each other in life. Ministry has taken a step to do this very well. thank you very much for that."said.


sure that the trip is a good project in the name of brotherhood in the Union, stated :"B for drawing was very good. My friends and I agree with you that such trips. According to our side of the Black Sea region has much greenery. woods looking, looking at land, all of them looking at other green stones. Stones are even on trees. Very nice. His except for a very nice project to Brotherhood. east-west move and swarming with people. Our people misunderstand each other without seeing east and west. If you go and see each other looks at the sides of the fraternity will see beautiful things. getting along together. Together we walk. Beautiful. has been said does not like . others are not, as they say. God bless the organizers of this trip. Hopefully these projects will continue to do so. Hopefully, such a unity, solidarity, brotherhood, friendship and companionship will continue within the framework. what we want."

on a trip to the Prophet Muhammad also said Oktay :"D aha several times before, came to the Black Sea region. But this one is very different. Eyes that have seen a positive impact on how the peace process. Prejudice is not like it used to be. So with last year there is a huge difference between this one and come. yıktıysak Time to time how the idols, and this time they wanted to destroy prejudices were able to do it. too, thank God."

Şırnak province is a bridge of brotherhood" comments for.


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