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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 19:11

Sivasspor-Chelsea match, then

Sivasspor-Chelsea match, then
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Sivasspor coach Roberto Carlos, putting out a good game that they deserved a victory , he said.

Sivas news:
post-match press conference in statements Carlos, \"Galatasaray match as well as playing While we have a good defense have made in defense of our friends really good game demonstrated good wins we got ,\"he said .
Ibrahim Toraman midfielder played in the When asked Carlos, \"Da Costa, primarily Galatasaray match from an injury to come out well in a short time he builds up halfback in the locality helped me because thank you very much . today Ibrahim Toraman to have played itself already very professional. character , whether acting , whether team in the sense of to help your friends get in every sense a high level player. him again in this position to assist us thank you for , \"he said .
match the aggressiveness on the question of the Brazilian coach,\"Course in if I'm not the I of this team tactics outside the leader and his players reflected on the outside is always my motivation . many times we played well did not win, do not play very well today, got the victory on the edge all the time , so my motivation continues. I'm içerisindeymişçe of the field to match the image in this way was given today . This motivation always will continue, \"he said.
Defender Ümit Kurt National Football Team to be invited in connection with the Carlos, \"certainly earned a national team invite this same way Zia , in fact, the national team is really one of our players deserve . Fatih Terim would like to congratulate whenever he wants our team that the quality of players we have , \"he said.
Match's only goal scorer Manuel Da Costa is deserved victory stated that they received .
GENÇLERBİRLİĞİ WALL < br/> Chelsea Technical Director Naci Sensoy, Sivasspor take a deserved victory , said:\"whatever I congratulate the victory of shame . The previous four games were played very good football but could not get it paid off , especially against Galatasaray we watched together . Sivasspor usually does not show respect for opponents only need optimal care and a philosophy of Sivas own game . They first had to stop tactical , strategic , game concept all week long all our plans was in this way , \"he said .
Goal position can not produce shame dead Wholesale goal they ate , and continued , missed their positions after the goal they ate stressed .. Match if the arbitrator also stated that the use rights in favor of shame Sensoy, but a decision that will affect the outcome of the match referee's signing was passed.

Sivasspor-Chelsea match, then" comments for.


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