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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 16:22

Sivasspor Supporters Association Response to the referee Özkahya'nın

Sivasspor Supporters Association Response to the referee Özkahya'nın
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Sivasspor 1967 Young Supporters Association, Galatasaray match referee Halis due to the management reacted to Özkahya'nın.

Sivas news:
Recep Agile 1967 Young Supporters Association officials, in a press release Istanbul Anatolian teams were victimized in their match play with the team, he said. Agile,"This past weekend we played in the whole of Turkey watched in amazement as the Galatasaray-Sivasspor match an Anatolian teams in the field how victimized we saw. Match referee Halis Özkahya'nın Galatasaray players with hard due to the move shown the red card after the match following football fans, 'This referee Sivas 10 people that it leaves a feeling and thus opportunistic Özkahya, our players Ümit Kurt from the game by throwing achieve the purpose,"he said.
Central Arbitration Committee Addressing Agile,"last season's referee errors at least 20 points usurped the shame with those no longer enough. This is a football massacres and which no one ignore us should expect. you in Turkey close to 4 million Sivasli made for this injustice against the protest is not hard and react not to be understood that this reticence behind no one could have predicted that the backlash that will be . mhk'n thereafter Özkahya Halis and his mindset in the judges Sivasspor give it to ask that. these Turkish football will be good will. However, a few hours before the Trabzon region referee Abdullah Yılmaz on Friday will be played Antalyaspor matches assigned to have learned that. Families should also underline that; Friday On the same events recur if Sivasspor fans that remain silent and the country almost every city in the responses revealed will,"he said.
Agile, Sivasspor fans Galatasaray tribunes"fixer"in the form of cheering condemned what they said.
Galatasaray and Sivasspor In the 12th week of games in the league, the match referee Halis Özkahya Sivassporlu three soccer players showed a red card, two penalties had decided against Sivasspor.

Sivasspor Supporters Association Response to the referee Özkahya'nın" comments for.


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