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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:58

Siyahareket of Syria to build a school for the Turcoman

Siyahareket of Syria to build a school for the Turcoman
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Siyahareketi Bayırbucak Turkmens in Syria will be built for a capacity of 700 students began the school project.

Samsun news: Photo from the long civil war in Syria, which is most affected by the Turkmen sector of the neighboring Hatay be identified in order to meet their immediate needs , working on the Syrian territory Siyahareket team returned to Samsun. Providing detailed information on the subject Samsun Humanitarian Action President Idris Contract 2015, with planned projects in the region would still have both a healthy environment to grow in spring training given in the tent , he said . Reality of the Siyahareketi a truckloads flour region sender beginning of the week , especially launched for children \"Hats , Scarves , Socks, Gloves:10 lira \"said he continued the campaign . Photo Covenant , \"the location of the schools we consider making the school still Turkey-Syrian border from Syria into the interior 1.5 mile (approximately 3 miles) is a buffer zone. Syria warplanes and helicopters can not enter this area , and when the need for rules of engagement are reduced. the back of the valley because of the well location in this region facing Syria and the side facing the Turkey side , almost the Turkey-Syria border will be installed near the zero point of the school , the environment villages will be about 700 people capacity will benefit the students. Education 4 + 4 + will be the 12th class 1st class as 4 . the school will consist of 12 classrooms and 38 shall be the teacher, educational services , \"he said to the teeth.
before the truck stopped aid to the region with the public's agenda from Bayırbucak region , depending on the Syrian city of Latakia . Latakia city center and lives in some villages in the parish who Nusayris coastal areas. Forming part of the coast of Bayırbucak Turkmen \"Parish \"section at the hands of the Syrian regime , almost all , \"Bair \"part is mountainous region consists of mountain villages and hamlets . \"Bair \"Almost all of the Turkmen's hands. Syrian Turkmen Bayırbucak constantly bombed by the army of a large portion of the population still lives in the mountainous area of 6 thousand 500-7 thousand people although in tent cities in Hatay. There are around 600-700 students in slope. Vurulurken twice by the Syrian regime in Çümer hamlet in school this year , Kulcuk , schools and Kabir in Çukurca'da hamlet was made available with a missile shot .

Siyahareket of Syria to build a school for the Turcoman" comments for.


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