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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:56

Skins are gathering for the victims in Hakkari Kopani

Skins are gathering for the victims in Hakkari Kopani
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HAKKARİ (UAV)-Hakkari Democratic Party of Regions ( DBP ) and the Peoples Democratic Party ( HDP) Provincial Chairman and Hakkari City Council held by the victim donation campaign in the framework of the victims skin Kopani for the meeting.

Hakkari news:
DBP , HDPE and City Council, Isidor gangs under attack had a difficult time Rojava Kop new people and attack again due to leave their places are forced Sengal for the people before the feast of sacrifice in the donation campaign launched . Prior to feast on the call launched a broad campaign in the city center and further expanded this campaign across the city and Sengal Kopani for the victims skin had begun to gather . Citizens showed great interest campaign , living victims donations as well as the victim against a receipt in exchange for money and sacrifice also collected.
About the campaign, speaking HDPE Hakkari Provincial Co-Chair Rahm Basic , Hakkari people a great example of solidarity by displaying undergoing hard times Kopani and said it was mobilized for Sengal . Start expressing their campaign will continue for the feast Basic, campaign donations from citizens, victims of their skin , he said. Previously municipalities , city councils and civil society organizations under the leadership Sengal and Kopani launched to help the campaign continued voicing Basic , Hakkari people this sensitivity due thanks.
Basic, launched campaigns under the front of city hall collected food, clothing, victims of leather and other basic needs assistance are submitted to the commission will be sent to the places where it is needed , he added .

Skins are gathering for the victims in Hakkari Kopani" comments for.


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