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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 10:53

Skip mentally disabled children clinging to life

Skip mentally disabled children clinging to life
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For the mentally handicapped and groom horse riding course opened in Bursa and teaching, and are rehabilitated.

Bursa, Mental and Spiritual Disabled Association (Zedek), horse-riding and groom taking the course offered by Skip mentally disabled children clinging to life.

Urban Forest Business-exchange rate established assisted on the farm, as well as the groom horsemanship, studying children with mental disabilities. Taking care of the horses, eyerlenmesi, grooming, cleaning, feeding and the provision of water and gezdirilmesini learning. Picture 3 of 12 volunteers in the project, a total of 15, including children with disabilities receive training for 6 months.

mentally handicapped 5 days a week between the hours of 11.00 and 16.00 2 large, 3 small jump is training. Received training under the guidance of two coaches and one grooms deemed sufficient disabled people, work farms will be placed at the end of the course. Transportation services provided by the trainees also ZEDEM'e $ 20 per day to be given a monthly allowance around 450 pounds. Handicapped riding under the supervision of the authorities, fearing initially approached the horses do not want to leave now. Horse ride rehabilitated by maintaining the trainees have expressed their enthusiasm.


Volumizing Nejat undermines the President, three months before the project launched at training and groom , said:"Last year, we organized this course, and 4 children with disabilities placed cadre work. Due to popular demand, I hope that at the end of the course again this year launched a couple of kids club, equestrian sports, horse farms will employ such places."she said. Volumizing President, as well as the course of education for children pocket money by the next business lunch that he was setup.

operating in the city center and rehabilitation centers also benefited from the mentally retarded children about the Loudness, said that by this time riding a horse over a thousand students. Participants age 16 and older participated in the project, describing the President Nejat Volumizing Zedek, said :"B Here you're training under the supervision of a psychologist, do not fight one of the most important training, no swearing, no theft. Never not forgive this kind of thing. At first, giving his training. Brotherly geçinmelerini provide. there is also a volunteer mothers, they are going to help the children, washing dishes."Freedom, the students on the course at the care, grooming, food making, grass and water, making eyerleme, said he learned tasks such as cleaning.

the course they are very satisfied with disabilities, said:"We are learning seyisliği and horse care. Horseback riding , to feed the horses, if you are installing, circulating it, learn cleanliness."she said. Previously, accustomed to horses is afraid to tell the time, trainees enter the profession they want to continue to work after the course, he said.

course the children were very happy to volunteer their mother, said:"We are very satisfied. Children here and doing useful work , as well as get rid of sıkınmaktan home. course with the kids every day we are together. giving children food, helping to clean it. these kids love it."she said.

Horse and groom, and a special training course last close to 30 children benefited from the rehabilitation center. Riding horses at first, fearing that people with intellectual disabilities did not want to go down then. Seval Korçako Director of the Center, describing the course bindirdiklerini kids horse,"Kids loved horses, taking much pleasure from this activity. Already entering the horse riding rehabilitation program. Pets rehabilitate these children is very effective. We also school rabbit, cat-like animals, breed them and the kids is very happy."said. Skip to children with disabilities, life tutunuyor"/> Zihinsel <img src= Skip mentally retarded children clinging to life Skip mentally retarded children clinging to life Skip mentally retarded children clinging to life Mental Skip to disabled children clinging to life

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