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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:22

Skoda from \"My city is beautiful and Skoda my \"Photo Contest

Skoda from \
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Skoda, \"My city is beautiful and my Skoda \"with a photo contest with the people of Van Skoda , the city invites you to promote all of Turkey.

Van news: Photo of the statement made by Skoda , a structure which is seen as a symbol of Van, the contestant can participate in the competition venue or by photographing the same frame with the natural beauty of the Skoda and said they will win valuable prizes from each other. The statement, \"To participate in the contest , Skoda the beauty of Van, the photo that combines the best possible way with the car of attractive design e-mail address will be enough to send your name and address information . Send that these photos Skoda's facebook page at www . published here will not in . November 30, 2014 until the date that the first stage of the competition can participate in other provinces first , along with Van identified and then compete to get into the top three in the final of Turkey these photos . I am beautiful Shehu and Turkey, which ranked first in Skoda contest contestant will receive 1 night stay must Istanbul trip. Turkey were awarded second competitor tablets , and the third a camera will be presented . the deadline for submission is released from the address of photos sent until November 30, 2014 and not to December 7 will last until December 2014 . this is explained at the end of history as the most acclaimed photographs provincial winners , in the second voting results will be announced on the date of December 15, 2014 in Turkey collects the first three photos most appreciated. Detailed information to send your photo that shows your passion for the beauty of Van and Skoda conditions of accession and the website www.skoda-auto.comaddress , facebook address from Skoda and Van are available from the Automotive Dealer of Compassion \"the statement said .

Skoda from \"My city is beautiful and Skoda my \"Photo Contest" comments for.


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