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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:34

Slap in the Enduro World Championship Preparations

Slap in the Enduro World Championship Preparations
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Turkey Enduro Championship 5th leg of the race , to be held October 11-12 at the slap .

Tokat news:
Turkey Enduro Championship to be hosted for the first time in Tokat, 5 feet feverishly preparing to race . Topçam stage for the championship which will be held Plateau meticulously organized. Turkey Motorcycle Federation organized by the Municipality of Tokat, Tokat Special Provincial Administration , slap Nature and Extreme Sports Club ( TODEX ) with the support of the upcoming races , the winning athletes compete with participating athletes prize money will be distributed. Ladies Cup the first of 800 £ , to the second 500 £ , , the third 350 AUD and fourth in the $ 250 cash prize will be given.
Topçam SPRINGS '< strong> will cut BREATH iN
5th leg of the Enduro World Championship on Saturday 11 October 2014 at 09.00 in front of the Municipality of Tokat Tokat Municipality of technical control , and then in front of the magazine will begin with the start . Championships later stage Topçam Plateau generated tests will continue with the super . Consisting of a total length of 58.8 km slap Racing, will start on October 12 at 11.00 hours . 1.6 km long and will consist of three rounds after extreme testing stage ; the most splendid examples of the struggle for human-nature will be exhibited 5.5-km race will continue on a challenging course . Topçam extreme springs that are created in the test phase , to endurosever will experience unforgettable moments with superior performance and racers will add color to the fifth leg of the race . Will take place in nine different classes , one of the most extreme Enduro Championship motorcycle racing from all over Turkey nearly 100 racers are expected to participate .


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