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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:34

Slaughterhouse took full note of Fats

Slaughterhouse took full note of Fats
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Army's Army in the town of Fats Fats Municipality Slaughterhouse , the Feast of the Sacrifice took full note of the citizens .

Ordu news:
in a sterile environment with a team of craftsmen to citizens serving in the first day, slaughterhouses , one day about 50 people staying clear of the victims was stated to be trimmed . Army Metropolitan Municipality Fats Slaughterhouse Responsible text Agca ,
\"The municipality belongs to the slaughterhouse in the sacrificial usually the first day, the breaking up. Lists About 50 animals were there and these animals here in a hygienic environment master butchers are truncated. Per animal 50 pounds victims from those who take the money . Sector in veterinarians in the victims'Earlier we are . unhealthy conditions occur when the necessary interventions by the problem we are solving . hygiene rules appropriate sections're doing and animal contact with the ground is absolutely not . Pets hanging breaking and also the skin with the machine is being removed . this way the skin damage we do not allow . Everybody slaughterhouse pleased with our . now on, we will continue to serve , \"he said .

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