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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 14:23

Sleeping less than lower notes Recruiting Students

Sleeping less than lower notes Recruiting Students
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Special Optimed Hospital Specialist Counselling Psychologist Nur Root , healthy sleep sleeping students, they received better grades than sleeps well and good sleeping student be successful in solving math problems , he said.

Tekirdağ news: Special Optimed Hospital Counseling Specialist Psychologist Nur Root , healthy sleep sleeping students, good sleeps compared to the better grades they received and good sleeping student's mathematics to solve problems and be successful , he said.
Sleep insufficient children with reading, writing and math problem-solving skills disrupted attention Expert Psychologist Nur Root , \"Schoolchildren insufficient sleep ; psychology breaks , learning skills will adversely affect . especially in kindergarten and elementary school children to sleep is of great importance .'sleep deficient children reading, writing and math problem solving skills deteriorate. Healthy sleeper according to these students'lower notes clear indication whether the research are. no reason tired or damage , insensitive or overly cranky and responsive , intelligent , although it is the social and academic success troubled children sleep quality should be looked at . sleeping in our bodies , but our brains for the rest condition , in fact, the brain does not rest during sleep . More is not much from the outside , from the inside of the body and its processes the data . Work is awake too . Each whatever the parents of their children's sleep health , at least nutrition and general health as much attention must demonstrate , \"he said .
\" Poor sleep than you might think WIDESPREAD \"
root , \"which is corrupted due to snoring sleep studies in 866 children three times more frequently than normal sleepers conduct disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity showed that encountered such problems . 6 thousand 500 children between the ages of 2.5 and a further extensive research done in less than 10 hours in vocabulary and cognitive skills of children in sleeping , sleeping 10 hours compared to many found to be a very significant reduction . Similar studies of sleep problems in adolescence and in young people's lack of sleep is proving to be more common than thought . Missing sleep , learning problems and lead to performance degradation . At this age young people often difficulty falling asleep at night , frequent awakenings , waking up from rest or fatigue during the day sobering and very difficult to be seen. These complaints with behavioral disorders, absenteeism, learning difficulties and academic failure an association between there , \"he said.
\" sleeping hours in the discipline MUST BE \"
parents sleeping hours on the sweet-hard to be in a discipline , that you need to determine the boundaries Exp . Psychologist Nur Root , \"the other adults in the family must act in harmony with this issue . In order to complete the development of children of primary school age do not have to sleep at night from 23:00 to 03:00 . If sleep time varies depending on age . In infants up to the age of 3 who should sleep 12-14 hours a day , 3-6 hours for children aged 10-12 , this figure may go up . Children up to the age of 12 should sleep time from 10 to 11 hours, while for ages 12-18 to 8-9 hours of sleep is enough , \"he said .

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