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  • 06 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 10:22

Sluggish Steady-consuming adequate water

Sluggish Steady-consuming adequate water
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Failure to consume enough water to cause fatigue and distraction were reported .

Adana news: Enough water is consumed for not fatigue and distraction caused were reported.
Private Middle Eastern Hospital Nutrition and Diet Expert Cansu Kolukırık , drinking water for human life pre significant items come at the beginning , said:\"However, in daily life that we've neglected substances is also one . Most people only removes the need for water when thirsty . , but what we really need water in our body can not be taken . consume enough water that the research is proven by the many losses , \"he said .
enough water taken in case of losses or also provide information about Kolukırık , \"the body metabolism, sufficient water unless the function can not continue . body fluids to decrease dehydration is called. Experienced dehydration , the memory impairment, attention deficit and may cause fatigue . All day long I've had weakness and distractibility among the causes of water consuming enough that you can take part . so during the day we drink the amount of water we should be rethinking , \"he said .
\"our bodies average 60 percent water , especially metabolism, edit as well as many benefits are \"the Kolukırık , these benefits also in the following way explained:
\"digestion , intestinal absorption and cells transported by water occurs. Suu consuming enough when constipation problems faced with the can . our body composed of toxic substances , but there is enough water consuming can be free . water , a good detox is the source . we need our metabolism to consume much water will make it run faster . This is the energy we receive the body will result in faster burning . If we feel after eating one glass of water saturation , we have this feeling will disappear . This will cause us to take fewer calories . 1 glass of water before eating in the same way to consume and we consume less portions allows us to get up from the table satiated . Water consumption in the skin's moisture balance is a positive relationship between . In the research enough water consuming people's skin is smoother and more flexible than was observed . \"
\"How much water we should drink \"question answering Kolukırık on this topic also said:
\"Water for drinking thirsty should not expect . Each person's metabolic rate , the energy to spend , according to age and sex of the water requirement is different. Besides, a healthy adult 2.5-3 liters of drinking water per day is recommended. We can understand the color of urine , drink enough water . Our water consumption is normally light yellow , dark yellow then this is a sign that we need to drink more water . \"

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