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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:18

Small Market of the church culture to be acquired to date Requesting

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At the church , located in the city before the 1970s , one of eight bazaars small bazaar was asked to run after restoration of cultural purposes .

Kilis news:
in Kilis , market and bazaar of those do not have one because the citizens of the city's historic fabric construction mAlArlA destroyed and therefore the authorities have big responsibilities , he said .
old bazaar , known first as the marketplace is one of the Small Market 1970's, the old charm of losing after the row of shops abandoned to their fate was .
Citizens, SIT within the area where the property owner for the restoration possibility to make because there is a small shop which consists of small bazaar located in the shops Governorship purchased by the restoration following the conclusion of crafts related to re-market to be converted asked .
citizens , church, formerly a large number of shopping to do shopping there , reminding \"Today, a single market not even exist. Jewelers marketplace , except in all the cities of nostalgia as with regard to crafts bazaars are. He historic market town in the domestic and foreign tourists, shopping is done. Ashraf also called Kastel Small Bazaar Bazaar starting with the collapse of the restoration shops we want to gain from making church culture . Join a small pool house around the old bazaar , historical mosques and a suitable potential is to be evaluated from every angle , \"he said .

Small Market of the church culture to be acquired to date Requesting" comments for.


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