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  • 07 Ekim 2013, Pazartesi 10:33

Smart appliances will you?

Smart appliances will you?
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Developing a new intelligent application of technology in our lives every day comes.

developed through integrated chips, such as smart phones, intelligent household appliances oluyor.Çamaşır machines is also possible, by detecting the self-energy is the cheapest time to work.

remote control and robotics technology is developing rapidly around the world Another innovation, the smart appliances. mobile money transfer, mobile NFC payment, banking services, e-commerce security, mobile identity, and the most important companies in the state institutions serving the world leader in digital security Gemalto has developed the new M2M (machine to machine communication) system, washing machine, dishwasher, as well as white goods, placed chips can be programmed to work with the self-energy is the cheapest times.

Gemalto provides information about the new system developed

Telecommunication Country Manager Pinar Bilgin, the system is used in many European countries, noting that"the machines to be placed in the chip, which will make them smart. Just as smart phones. Machines may be able to remote control. example, energy detect certain times of the day to be cheaper than the machines themselves to work those hours. Intelligent chip service companies to take their products and the best service to our customers who use only one of the studies. Araştırmalarımızla Gemalto continue on our way,"he said.

Smart chips first, and then a lot of washing machines that can be used in white goods.


Smart appliances will you?" comments for.


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