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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:17

Smart Stadium Ready New Season

Smart Stadium Ready New Season
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Ongoing construction of 33 thousand 919 people in Samsun-art stadium will be ready for next season, reportedly smart .

Samsun news: Photo tender price , which cost about 130 million TL with Samsun 19 Mayıs Stadium in a total of 300 thousand cubic meters of mountain with filler material , 90 thousand cubic meters of ready-mix concrete , rebar will be used 8 thousand cubic meters and 4 thousand 500 tons of steel . Per day 120 works in total 380 staff works with certified resource team. Photo of the best stadiums in so far they do stadiums , indicating that in Samsun Ali Acar Construction owner, Ali Acar, we Malatya, Eskişehir , Ankara, Sivas and similar stadium in Samsun Samsun province compared to other stadiums in the stadium when we compare each other turns out to be more features. There is a good facade and steel. Considered a good shopping center . Accordance with UEFA standards stadium is done at the highest level . According to the stadium latest technology here is the best of the stadium according to the latest architecture could be called , \"he said .
NO STAT OF A NON-FEATURE YES Photo stadium will be representing the ready for the new season of Arena Project Manager Şerafettin Land is, \"with no state has a feature in this stadium. He is the spectator bleachers are Prekas . We have completed 90 per cent of them . Currently 65 per cent in manufacturing our construction . We completed our 100 percent as crude manufacturing Stadium . We civarınd 50 percent in manufacturing steel . Percent in manufacturing fine of 65-70 We civarınd . Our work with interior manufacturing thin as of February we continue accordingly. Ministry of Youth and Sports in 2015, we have reported additional lawn in April . Therefore, our stadium after doing the grass sowing in April will be ready for the new season opening , \"he said .
Meanwhile 380 people working as electrical engineer in the new stadium construction , workplace physician, also includes 4 women as a specialist in construction technician and job security.


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