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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 17:32

Smiling Party in Izmir Bucaspor

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1. Division 9 of the PTT in the course of the week Bucaspor Elazığspor'u guest who was able to take his opponent scoring 3-0 .

İzmir news: Photo Bucaspor'un 3-0 win that all goals of the match Alexander received while recording , week in coach Sait Karafırtınalar the task at the beginning of the team due to leave the coach Bakr Ports, \"is not a reaction to the events on weekdays this win. This team weeks it was a team living chance. We had a good team but with bad luck we live for several reasons . case in which the club was affected negatively . We evaluate the position we have achieved today . We received this results in a very natural , \"he said . because Photo discomfort wife who died Elazığsporl the Cangele'ate condolences Ports , \"Cangele , I wish today oynasaydı here , atsaydı us goals but had not his wife died ,\"he said .
Elazığspor WALL Photo Elazığspor Technical Director of the Hope Özat \"Match not a party to be evaluated. they played very well . I congratulate my players for two weeks, 10 people die fighting but I do not accept the red card the previous game. My players should play like this , \"he said .

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