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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 11:59

Smoke from Market Players Collaborates Side

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2 thousand 500 cigarettes in a convenience store in Kars tl.değer was caught stealing third person .

A convenience store in Kars two thousand 500 TL. 3 people caught stealing cigarettes worth . Captured by the judicial authorities arrested three people they are removed .
on the issue, the Provincial Security Directorate written statement made the following statements were given:
\"Central Yusufpaşa Quarter Demirköprü on the street that operates in a market that occurred at work\"Qualified Theft \"event in relation to the work carried out in the expression received the complainant's statement by the two thousand 500 TL. in the amount of various brands with cigarettes in the drawer the 100 AUD . coin and one mobile phone was stolen declared .
Provincial Police Directorate, Public Security Directorate teams due to the theft from occurring events related to the crime scene in and around their studies they obtained intelligence information and be provided the pre-event , event sequence and post-event security camera records a result of examining the incident, the tools used by suspects have been identified . the operation result
detained suspects in the city center GK (1988 ), EK (1987) and EK (1984 men ) were referred to judicial authorities have been delivered to prison . \"

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