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  • 04 Ocak 2013, Cuma 09:41

Smooth, Silky Hair with Safe Way of Being

Smooth, Silky Hair with Safe Way of Being
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Experts, the keratin hair straightening hair salons, warns that the process can be harmful to your health. Here is a nice and safe way to have shiny hair.

your hair shiny, silky and straight as you like, probably a hair salon keratin hair straightening process biriktiriyorsunuz to make money, or maybe even if it has already undergone. This process is costly, even in the most fluffy and unruly hair, and the effect of bringing the road continues for several months.

But in recent days about the dangers of this process

news. Using tongs, hair straighteners flat material placed on the lungs of the formaldehyde, appeared to be the cause eye and skin irritations. According to research, it is said to be formaldehyde advertisements also apply to applications. Therefore, while some hairdressers hair straightening process for both themselves and their customers began to wear gas masks.

Still Do not despair immediately. A few small steps you can have your health without compromising the smooth and shiny hair.

1 EM choose the right shampoo and conditioner. the sun, heat, hair styling, hair styling with chlorinated water and chemicals operations, especially in the leaves and wavy hair straightening hair protein and makes it difficult to shape, says trainer Lindsey Watts hairdresser. Dr. Pantene research and product development team. Jeni Thomas, protein-enriched shampoos and hair creams for a while it softens the outer layer of hair, the hair provides a brighter and easier to take shape, he says. Choose the products that are acid or pH balanced, many of them contain hydrolyzed keratin.

2 Be nice to wet hair. Wavy hair is very fragile, especially when it is wet, so you do not rub your hair with a towel, pressing and dry. Leaving your skin feeling soft, wet a cotton towels, a selection of work is not quite right when it comes to dry hair. Hair wires, each of these towels in the bathroom attached to nodes, so that the hair swells. Get a towel designed for drying hair. They absorb water easily and accelerates dry hair are made of microfiber.

3 Scan your hair with care. curls, a wide-toothed brush gently scan. Hairdressing salon owner Serquinia Domingo, rinsed for thin hair conditioner or hair products that will easily scan, wavy and thick hair straightening creams and lotions for more intensive recommend to use.

4 Set the temperature well. in order to prevent damage from heat to heat your hair, apply a protective product. Let it dry by itself after a while, your hair blow dryer to dry thoroughly. Be patient, barrette hair into several parts, and then take a soft bristle brush in a circular section of hair into 7-8 cm. Install the camera and blow-dry the hair vertically, hold the title in her mouth a thin, smooth the hair so the heat coming from above, will prevent fluctuations. Machine before removing the brush hair"Cool"button."Dry hair brush and brightness level of tightly coiled hair is permanent but provide cool,"says Thomas.

5 A little sparkle to your floor. teamed up or hair spray and gently through your hair shine Move your brush. Spray directly over tighten the future, and this extra moisture to the hair will cause your hair to curl.

About the Author: Valli Herman EM fashion, beauty and travel down the various international and
He wrote articles for digital publications.

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